Clarity Flow

Provide a greater level of price transparency through automated and accurate benefit details

Manual approaches to verify eligibility are time consuming and leave room for a lot of costly mistakes. Patients get upset when they can’t easily get transparent pricing information from their providers. Healthcare organizations need a way to get accurate coverage details before the time of service.

Automation that drives price transparency

With Clarity Flow, healthcare organizations can automate the processes of determining patient benefits, authorization requirements, calculating out-of-pocket costs, and enabling upfront payment plans. This helps healthcare organizations provide a greater level of price transparency to patients while simultaneously reducing denials.

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Clarity Flow Benefits

Price Transparency

Clarity Flow verifies all government and commercial insurance plans including Medicare. With Clarity Flow, eligibility verification is automatic and 98% accurate. Staff can focus their attention on patients that have inactive coverage rather than working each patient one by one.

Cost Sharing

Clarity Flow provides an automated workflow for combining benefits, contract prices, and payer rules for all patients in advance of their visit. With Clarity Flow, healthcare organizations can easily share costs prior to service, increasing the likelihood of on time payment.

Flag and Correct Coverage Issues

Clarity Flow flags all potential coverage issues to reduce risk of denials. Front end staff can search appointments for inactive coverage and click a button to determine if they have coverage through another carrier.

Clarity Flow Features

Workflow Automation

Front-end staff only work the cases with coverage issues rather than handle each patient one by one.

Benefit Verification

Automatically identify important coverage information needed to determine patient eligibility.

OOP Estimates

Generate accurate out-of-pocket cost estimates for patients prior to their service.

Estimate Letters

Generate customizable cost estimate letters for patients that can be delivered via mail, email, or sms messaging.

Identify Coverage Issues

Identify important coverage issues with a click of a button and flag them for staff follow-up.

Payer Coverage Checks

Cross check multiple payers in real-time when a patient comes back with inactive coverage.

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