Was money left on the table?

Handling claim denials and inaccurate payer reimbursement is a crucial part of billing. This is a tedious task for even the most efficient back end offices. Thousands of dollars a year can be lost if denials are handled improperly or not at all. Healthcare organizations often depend on manual and paper based processes and need automation to maximize productivity and reimbursement in the billing environment.

Identify potential revenue opportunities

Clarity RevFind compares payer contracts, chargemasters, and payer remits to identify revenue opportunities that were either underpaid, incorrectly denied, or submitted erroneously. By automating this process, healthcare organizations eliminate hours of data manipulation and can focus on maximizing reimbursement. Encounters are scored with expected allowed values as soon as they are created, enabling organizations to forecast net revenue and ensure every encounter is audited immediately upon payment.

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RevFind Benefits

Contract Modeling

Clarity RevFind scores contract proposals on patient populations to accurately quantify the impact of new rates or methodologies, and the potential impact of increasing patient cost-sharing. Healthcare organizations can start tracking the profitability of all agreements and target opportunities to renegotiate new contracts.


Clarity RevFind provides the highest level of precision when calculating underpayments. Our software models the exact contract terms of each provider’s contract as opposed to other estimating methods. Staff can easily pull reports allowing them to work exceptions ranked by the highest recoverable opportunity and reason for underpayment.

Trend Reports

Clarity RevFind in conjunction with the Pivot functionality allows healthcare organizations to start identifying trends in underpayments, down to the encounter level. Staff are able to run reports to determine where underpayments are highest. They are then able to fix errors on the clinical side and focus efforts on maximum underpayment recovery.

RevFind Features

Dive into Data

Pull data from all health information systems and analyze them in one system to gain insight at a granular level.

Digitized Payer Policies

Turn payer manuals into a dynamic engine that works for your practice and let MD Clarity manage it for you.

Underpayment Detection

Automatically detect reimbursement opportunities related to contract pricing mistakes, coding errors, and denials.

Track Profitability

Start tracking the profitability of all your agreements and target opportunities to renegotiate new contracts.

Encounter Level Details

Track and analyze data on the encounter level to start identifying trends that allow for maximum revenue recovery.

Maximize Productivity

Staff no longer need to spend time manually updating fee schedules, or spending hours in spreadsheets.