Allow patients to check-in and pay with ease

Managing the patient check-in processes is cumbersome for most healthcare organizations. MD Clarity takes the burden off front-end staff by utilizing the Clarity PatientConnect module to seamlessly check-in patients, collect pertinent information, and allow for bill payment. This device agnostic tool can be used as part of a kiosk check-in counter, a tablet, or even on a mobile device.

Patient Forms

Through the PatientConnect module, MD Clarity gives healthcare organizations the ability to configure intake forms specifically for their needs. This information is integrated with existing health information systems allowing for a seamless clinical experience.

ipad with patient estimate

Payment Processing

Create a seamless check-in process for patients by allowing them to fill out forms and pay for their visit all at once. Utilizing the payment processing tool in combination with our quoting functionality, the PatientConnect module allows patients to view an accurate, real-time estimate of their out of pocket costs. They can then put a credit card on file and pay for all or part of their visit right in the app.

Payment Plans

Collecting payments in full is not always possible. MD Clarity’s PatientConnect module gives patients the flexibility to set up a payment plan right when they check in. This allows for more flexibility in how patients pay, increasing their overall experiences, and reducing the number of statements your organization must send out each month. All payment plans are configured to meet the needs of your specific healthcare organization.

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