Contract Modeling

Project the impact of changing insurance agreements

Make sure you are maximizing insurance contracts by utilizing the advanced analytics from MD Clarity’s RevFind module and pivot functionality. Simulate proposed fee-for-service contracts, new payment methodologies, or population health scenarios and see the financial impact of rate changes based on the unique mix of services your practice offers.

Fee Compare

MD Clarity allows for quick comparison on how contracted payers will adjudicate any combination of services. Let our Clarity RevFind module show how a private insurance company stacks up against Medicare when it comes to a particular set of diagnostic imaging or laboratory services. These metrics are presented graphically and tabularly in a matter of seconds.

computer screen showing contract modeling

Scenario Modeling

Utilizing our RevFind module in conjunction with our pivot functionality, practices can ensure they are fully-equipped with advanced analytics for contract negotiations. By combining a scenario modeling engine with a warehouse of historical data we can project the impact of changing insurance agreements. Practices can now engage in systematic, data-driven negotiating that exceeds the capabilities of insurers.

Charge Analysis

When the time comes for your healthcare organization to revisit its charge master, do away with labor-intensive, time-consuming data gathering and let MD Clarity’s automated analysis serve you with the relevant data you need to make sound financial decisions. Our Charge Analysis feature automatically analyzes charges for every service our customers provide to find instances in which contracted payers are reducing their payments due to a low charge amount. This tool has consistently allowed our customers to increase revenues by holding insurance companies accountable to their contractual agreements but without increasing out-of-pocket costs for patients.

computer screen showing contract modeling

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