Patient Benefits

Eligibility and benefits verification made simple

Managing patient intake is easy with MD Clarity. Our automated Clarity Flow module seamlessly delivers accurate eligibility and benefits verification to staff prior to a visit. With a click of a button, staff can generate customized price estimates for patients for any service across any contracted payer. Having benefit information ready for patients at the time of their visit not only improves their experience, it also helps practices get paid faster.

Benefits Automation​

Using our Clarity Flow module, practices can instantly verify a patient’s insurance coverage as well as find key metrics including their co-insurance percentage, deductible, and max out-of-pocket amount. This eliminates denials of claims due to expired insurance credentials while improving the accuracy of prices given to patients.

computer screen showing price transparency

Patient Quote Tool​

Our patient quote tool within the Clarity Flow module allows staff to quickly and accurately answer questions about insurance coverage for patients, giving practices a competitive market advantage. Front-end staff are equipped with information about co-insurance percentage, deductible, and max out-of-pocket amount which can be delivered seamlessly to patients over the phone, via email, or traditional mail.​

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