Price Transparency

Improve the patient experience and increase collections

When consumers can’t easily access basic information on cost and quality they don’t know how to select the most efficient and effective service, leading to increased costs for all parties. Delivering greater price transparency to patients upfront has become an essential tool in getting practices paid on time with greater accuracy.

Customized Patient Estimate Letters

Providing patients with an easy to understand breakdown of their costs before their visit is a key component to delivering a transparent, engaging patient experience. Using the Clarity Flow module, front-end staff are equipped with real time, accurate information about co-insurance percentage, deductible, and max out-of-pocket amount. With a click of a button they can easily generate a 98% accurate estimate  and patient quote letter detailing a patient’s financial responsibility which can then be delivered via mail, email, or sms messaging.

computer screen with healthcare info
computer screen showing price transparency

Patient Benefit Education

Patient confusion surrounding health insurance plans has increased as financial responsibility continues to shift to patients. It is important to ensure patients are aware of any out-of-pocket fees prior to scheduled procedures. Providing this level of transparency is shown to instill trust between patient and provider and help healthcare organizations collect revenue in a timelier manner. MD Clarity automatically generates 98% accurate estimates and includes all details related to the estimate in a simple, easy to understand letter that can be printed, mailed, emailed, or text messaged to the patient prior to procedures.

Patient Friendly Collection Strategies​

We live in the era of healthcare consumerism. Patients have more choices than ever when it comes to where they choose to get medical care and they have come to expect an experience similar to that of a retail establishment. If your organization does not provide this level of service, patients assume you can’t keep up or even worse – you don’t care. MD Clarity’s solutions give patients the flexibility to view their bill, then pay for part or all of their service. They can also leave a card on file and set up payment plans that fit their lifestyle.

ipad with patient estimate

MD Clarity can help your organization deliver greater price transparency. Request a demo to learn more!