Clarity Flow by MD Clarity

Have faith in your estimates

Provide accurate and convenient patient cost estimates that empower patients to pay upfront and increase your upfront collections.

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Provider groups on Clarity Flow include

Minnesota Eye Consultants
Providence Associates
Seattle Radiology
Automated Estimates

Automated estimates

Automatically send patient cost estimates via email, text, or letter.

Project Estimates

Project out-of-pocket costs

Generate accurate estimates for patients that include deductibles, copays, and coinsurance.

Upfront Payments

Unlock upfront payments

Enable patients to make up-front deposits directly from their online estimate.

Three wins for your healthcare organization

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Achieve No Surprises Act compliance without the extra staffing costs or the extra headaches

We'll get you compliant with the No Surprises Act's legal requirements on Good Faith Estimates, saving you the expense of hiring one or more full-time GFE-dedicated staff to do an endlessly repetitive task. Patients receiving our automated email/text estimates get fully HIPAA-compliant encrypted letters with two-factor authentication—and for those who prefer paper estimates, we do that too.

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Cut bad debt and admin costs by putting benefits checks on autopilot

Automated eligibility verification makes your existing staff more efficient, so you keep admin costs down as your patient volume grows—all while ensuring you bill the correct payer, know when you need prior-authorization, and avoid the back-end denials that lead to bad debt.

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Increase patient collections and get paid faster, all while improving patient experience

Give patients the confidence to get care—and to make upfront deposits that go beyond their co-pays—with transparent out-of-pocket projections provided ahead of service. Empower the patient to make a deposit directly from our online estimates, sparing your front-desk this inefficient and often awkward step at the time of service.



MD Clarity works with these EHRs and more.

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