Increase Upfront Collections

When you increase upfront collections, you keep more patient payments out of 90+ day aging buckets & avoid write-offs. Click through this interactive walkthrough to see receivables improvement in action.

Collecting patient payments upfront accelerates your cash flow and helps avoid downstream collection problems. When you automate this process with Clarity Flow, staff is less burdened, patients have more clarity and agency, and your receivables improve.

Up your patient collections game

The patient is now responsible for a significant portion of the cost of care. High deductibles, coinsurance, and max out-of-pocket limits all mean that patients’ bills have grown. Unfortunately, this shift has also translated into higher patient balances that spend more time on your accounts receivable aging report.

A recent study reveals that 78% of providers cannot collect a $1,000+ patient balance within 30 days. These receivables move into 45- and 60-day buckets. By the time a bill gets to >120 days in accounts receivable, the average collection rate on it is just 10 cents per dollar. 

MGMA suggests providers should aim for a benchmark of write-offs amounting to 5% of net revenue or lower. Providers know well they’ll collect only a portion of patient balances once the patient has left the office. Collecting patient payments upfront keeps more of your revenue out of write-offs on the back end. 

By making upfront payments easy for patients and providers, Clarity Flow boosts patient collections. Clarity Flow automates eligibility verifications, generates accurate patient estimates, and sends a text or email to the patient delineating their financial responsibility. These communications increase the patient’s confidence in using your services and empower them to determine how they will pay. Whether through our SmartPay platform or an embedded link from our patient estimate to your existing payment portal, patients can easily send in a deposit or prepay the entire estimated bill. 

Improve patient satisfaction

Your patients have long been frustrated by the lack of transparency and the abundance of confusion involved in their healthcare. 

Clarity Flow addresses this concern by communicating a clear breakdown of deductibles, copays, and coinsurance. Patients appreciate knowing what they’ll owe providers and how much the insurance company will pay. The convenience of making a deposit right from the estimate also cuts down on confusion. 

The less confusion surrounding the payment experience, the more satisfied your patients will be and the more likely they will be to pay on time and in full.

Collect with compassion and continue to see all patients

Patients report delaying medically necessary procedures when they fear they can't afford them. But this hesitation often stems from a fear of the unknown. 

Clarity Flow’s accurate online estimates not only break down costs but can also include customized communications related to patient financial assistance. When patients interpret upfront payments as part of a reasonable, clear payment plan, they appreciate the provider and get the treatment they need. 

Use Clarity Flow to increase collections

Provide payment transparency to patients and improve your patient collections.
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