Improve Staff Productivity

Resourceful provider groups can improve staff productivity by automating RCM processes. Empower your staff with time-saving tech.

When revenue cycle management (RCM) tasks can be automated, hiring more FTEs to perform eligibility checks, patient cost estimates, underpayment recovery, and contract performance evaluation is no longer practical or even affordable for your organization. 

You can sweep in more cash flow by automating the RCM tasks that bog down front- and back-end teams. With repetitive tasks taken care of, staff focuses on higher-value tasks, and productivity rises. 

Free staff from repetitive tasks with Clarity Flow

A recent survey from PWC and Becker’s reveals that 83 percent of healthcare organizations report RCM labor shortages. About half of the organizations reporting a shortage are operating at 10 to 20 percent below steady-state headcount levels.

Clarity Flow supports your front-end team by creating accurate, compliant estimates without any staff involvement. With these patient access steps complete, staff has time to get more patients scheduled and handle exceptions such as correcting patient-garbled subscriber identifiers or obtaining new coverage information.

Further, by completely automating your estimates, you can avoid expensive additional hires as you grow.  

Streamline and speed back-end Revenue Cycle Management with RevFind

If you’re like most physician groups, you review your contracts once per year. At that rate, it’s tough to find where you’re losing net revenue. Keeping payers accountable takes consistent contract scrutiny. Asking a staff member to get it done takes them away from other day-to-day duties that generate cash flow.

With RevFind, you can automate back-end RCM processes such as detecting underpayments, managing denials, and evaluating contract performance. 

RevFind ingests your managed care agreements, analyzes your actual payer reimbursement against those contracts, and serves up underpayment recovery opportunities to your team for full reimbursement. With this data, it also creates dashboards and reports that reveal which payers are not paying their full contractual rates, which payers are paying the most, and more.

Curb staff turnover 

Staffing remains the greatest challenge healthcare providers face. 

According to the 2023 NSI Report, the healthcare organization annual staff turnover rate now stands at 22.7 percent. 

Rote tasks like generating patient estimates and converting PDF managed care agreements to Excel create workplace repetition – a prime cause of staff attrition.  

Clarity Flow and RevFind automate repetitive tasks, freeing your staff to dedicate their time to more rewarding duties. You’re less likely to lose an engaged, satisfied employee who’s working at optimal capacity. 

Should staff leave, automated processes ensure that your RCM tasks don’t slip. Your eligibility checks still occur, estimates still send, and net revenue opportunities are still found. Hiring and training new staff is difficult, but with RevFind and Clarity Flow, your workflows don’t have to stop.

Unleash your team’s full potential with MD Clarity

Your staff has the intelligence and experience. Give them the powerful tools to make the most of both. MD Clarity’s Clarity Flow and RevFind help your staff deliver at their peak for your organization.
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