RevFind by MD Clarity

Detect and recover the revenue you're leaking to payers

Get visibility into your contracts to quickly identify underpaid claims and incorrect denials from payers.

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Reimbursements for all types of underpayment

Reimbursements for all types of underpayment

Get clear distinction and identification between denials and true underpayments based on negotiated rates.

Track underpayments at the encounter level

Track underpayments at the procedure level

Track and analyze payer performance down to the procedure code level to rapidly identify revenue opportunities.

Make payer policies easy to manage and track

Make payer contracts easy to compare

Digitize and consolidate contracts into one place that makes it easy to benchmark against national standards like Medicare.

Three wins for your healthcare organization

Improved Productivity

Improved productivity

Automated way to distinguish between denials and true payer underpayments. Staff no longer need to spend time manually updating fee schedules, or spending hours in spreadsheets.

Negotiate better contracts

Negotiate better contracts

Model and benchmark in real-time the revenue impact of new rates, methodologies, and increased patient cost-sharing in contract proposals. Compare rate of payment on current contracts vs Medicare payment.

Prioritize your appeals by revenue opportunity

Know the real maximum for what you're charging

Maximize what you're charging for services by optimizing your chargemaster based on payer reimbursement terms and negotiated rates.

Improve your financial performance while providing a more transparent patient experience