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Galactic Heart Center

Good Faith Estimate for Health Care Items and Services

Patient Identification Number: 156749125
Evergreen Ave
Mountain City, CO 34510
The following is a detailed list of expected chargers for the appointment scheduled for 11/2/2023. The estimated costs are valid for 12 months from the date of the Good Faith Estimate.
Details for Services and Items for appointment located at Mountain City:
99213 - Office or other outpatient visit
93000 - Electrocardiogram, routine ECG with at least 12 leads; interpretation and report only.


Do cardiology practices need to provide good faith estimates?

Cardiology practices must provide good faith estimates to patients who require it.

Are cardiology practices subject to GFE regulations for all their physicians?

All cardiology practices, including cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeons, must comply with good faith estimate regulations.

What type of cardiology patients are required to receive good faith estimates?

Cardiology practices must comply with the No Surprises Act by providing uninsured and self-paying patients with good faith estimates.

Achieve compliance and boost collections at the same time

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Automatically send Good Faith Estimates via email, text, or letters

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Project out-of-pocket costs

Generate accurate estimates for patients that include deductibles, copays, and coinsurance.

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Unlock upfront payments

Enable patients to make upfront deposits and payment plan elections online, directly from their estimates.

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Achieve No Surprises Act compliance for your cardiology practice and avoid extra staffing costs and headaches.

Ensure compliance with the legal requirements of the No Surprises Act regarding Good Faith Estimates, without the need to hire full-time staff dedicated to this repetitive task. Our automated email/text estimates offer HIPAA-compliant encrypted letters with two-factor authentication. We also provide paper estimates for patients who prefer it. This valuable service is tailored specifically towards cardiology practices.

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Streamline your practice's finances and reduce administrative costs by automating benefits checks.

Automated eligibility verification can help your cardiology practice enhance efficiency, reduce administrative expenses, and optimize billing procedures. This ultimately results in accurate payer identification, streamlined prior-authorization processes, and fewer back-end denials that impact your financial stability.

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Boost revenue for your cardiology practice and receive payments quicker, while enhancing patient satisfaction.

Give your cardiology patients the peace of mind they need to seek care by providing transparent out-of-pocket projections ahead of service, allowing them to confidently make upfront deposits that go beyond their co-pays. Empower patients to make deposits directly from our online estimates, freeing up your front desk staff from the often awkward and inefficient task of collecting payments at the time of service.


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