Published: Jun 01, 2023
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Rivet Health Reviews

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Rex H.
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What is Rivet Health?

Rivet Health is a revenue cycle management (RCM) software provider based in Utah. Their system provides a complete RCM package for patient eligibility prechecks, denial management, estimates, and contract management.

Rivet Health offers tech support and online user webinars to their customers and regular updates for clients as needed. 

Rivet’s technology platform lets providers get a view of patient insurance coverage and deductibles and lets the provider notify patients of their expected copays and out-of-pocket costs at the time of the visit. Bills can be sent via email or text, improving the provider’s revenue stream.

Features and Solutions

Rivet is a SaaS, cloud, and web-based system. It contains a number of industry-specific features, including:

  • Patient Pricing. They help you run eligibility checks, create cost estimates according to new federal guidelines, and pre-check eligibility with HIPAA-compliant protections.
  • Denials management tools. These help you identify, analyze, and resolve denials as they come in. They automate denial assignments, track ROI from appealed and reworked claims, and annotate claims for future resolution.
  • Underpayment management tools. It is easier with Rivet’s system to track and correct underpaid claims. Catch underpayments when they happen and flag coding errors and mistakes so insurers pay you what you’re owed.

Real User Rivet Health Reviews

Capterra and GetApp

Rivet has a total of nine unique reviews on both Capterra and GetApp — they feature the same reviews as GetApp shows reviews from Capterra. Rivet has an average rating of 4.1 out of 5, and their customers seem satisfied with the product and the company overall. Most customer reviews state the software is user-friendly, and the company support has been prompt and helpful. Negative comments mention a lack of features.

Best Rivet Health Review from Customers

Lowest Rivet Health Client Review

The bottom line for customers seems to be ease of use — Rivet is perceived as user-friendly. 

Employee Reviews of Rivet Health


A big part of a company’s continued growth is employee satisfaction. Glassdoor has three employee reviews for Rivet, with an average rating of 4.2 out of 5. About 61% of the reviews (2 out of 3) indicate they would recommend this employer to a friend.

Positive Rivet Health Review from Workers

A 2020 review states that Rivet has a great product and technical team and is backed by outstanding investors. It warns that healthcare is a challenging market to operate in, and management needs to be alert for opportunities to keep growing their product offering.

Negative Rivet Health Review from Employees

A 2022 review says this is not the best workplace environment if you are looking to grow as an employee. Salary is not competitive, and the company doesn't provide sufficient resources to help employees succeed. It mentions a desire for more employee coaching and feedback.

Rivet Health Pricing

Like other software providers, Rivet wants to give its clients a demo first and discuss the desired and needed features before discussing pricing. Note that pricing for RCM software is typically predicated on patient encounter volume — larger health practices will pay more than smaller ones — and the number of features needed.

Rivet customer reviews indicate they are cost-effective and commensurate with other similarly-sized RCM platforms. Pricing should be at the top of any prospective buyer's question list.

Looking for an alternative to Rivet?

Should you desire a vendor similar to Rivet, you might want to take a look at MD Clarity. The suite of products from MD Clarity are designed to enhance patient experience and elevate your financial results by automating patient cost estimation, contact management, and detection of underpayments from payers, all under a single platform. The offerings from MD Clarity, which include Clarity Flow, Contract Analytics, and RevFind, mirror closely the capabilities provided by Rivet's respective services like Patient Pricing, Payer Performance, and Claim Resolution.

If you're curious to see how MD Clarity stacks up against Rivet Health, book a demo today.

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