Clarity PatientConnect

Improve Patient Satisfaction and upfront collections

Managing patient expectations has never been more difficult. Registration is often the first interaction patients have with front end staff and unless the process is closely managed, it can lead to a poor experience. Providing a holistic approach to patient registration includes more than just standard intake forms. Healthcare organizations need a way to customize their intake forms and provide more information about cost of service upfront in order to create a positive experience for patients.

More than just a standard intake platform

Clarity PatientConnect gives healthcare organizations the ability to show costs to patients as they register. Patients can view their estimate, set up a payment plan, and even pay their bill in full conveniently through the mobile app. Providing this type of price transparency early in the process is shown to increase front end collections. Clarity PatientConnect utilizes customized registration forms which save front end staff time and integrates with existing health information systems for a seamless registration process.

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Clarity PatientConnect Benefits

Customized Forms

All healthcare organizations are different, and so are their intake forms. Clarity PatientConnect supports customized intake forms to ensure the check in process fits the needs of the practice.

Device Agnostic

Clarity PatientConnect seamlessly works on all mobile and web based devices. Because this is a device agnostic solution, organizations have greater flexibility in their check in process.

Up-Front Collections

Clarity PatientConnect provides cost estimates upon check in. Patients can view and pay bills, put a credit card on file, and set up a payment plan. This increases the likelihood of upfront collections.

Clarity PatientConnect Features

Digital Check-In

Using a tablet, kiosk, or mobile device, patients are able to check-in for their appointment digitally.

Pain Locator

PatientConnect features the interactive pain locator form that many healthcare organizations use.

POS Collections

This module allows patients to pay for their visit upon check-in, increasing the likelihood of same day collections.

Payment Plans

Patients can set up payment plans for more expensive procedures, helping ensure you get paid on time.

Credit Card on File

Allow patients to store a credit card on file and decrease the number of statements the practice sends out.

Price Transparency

Give patients a better experience by providing patient-friendly payment options at the time of check-in.

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