RCM software for Podiatry

Boost patient experience and your bottom line by automating patient cost estimates, payer underpayment detection, and contract optimization in one place.

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Automated patient cost estimates for Podiatry providers

Payer contract performance tracking for Podiatry practices

Payer underpayment detection for Podiatry centers

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Automated patient cost estimates for Podiatry providers

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Project out-of-pocket costs at a high level of accuracy, giving Podiatry patients the confidence to make up-front deposits
Autosend Good Faith Estimates via email, text, or letter, and comply with the No Surprises Act
Enable Podiatry patients to make up-front deposits and payment plan elections online directly from their estimate

Payer contract performance tracking for Podiatry practices

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Know how your insurance contracts are performing
Compare performance across payer contracts and renegotiate terms from a position of strength
Project cash flow impacts of contract changes on your Podiatry organization

Payer underpayment detection for Podiatry centers

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Spot patterns of underpayment by insurance companies on Podiatry claims
Ensure you are setting your chargemaster optimally
Assign investigations/appeals to staff and see task status, all in one place

Outcomes for your Podiatry practice

Improve Patient Experience

Improve patient experience

Automate manual benefits workflows

Automate manual benefits workflows

Reduce bad debt, cost-to-collect, & accounts receivable days

Reduce bad debt, cost-to-collect, & Accounts Receivable days

In the realm of podiatry, revenue cycle management (RCM) software has become an essential tool for practices of all sizes. This dynamic software streamlines billing, claim management, and overall financial operations, playing a significant role in improving the practice's profitability and patient satisfaction. This article will explore the key features of RCM software for podiatry, its benefits, and what to expect when it comes to pricing.

The Indispensable Features of RCM Software for Podiatry

RCM software is equipped with a variety of features tailored to the needs of podiatry practices.

  1. Patient Cost Estimation: Podiatry patients appreciate transparency when it comes to the cost of their treatment. RCM software provides an accurate estimate of the patient's out-of-pocket expenses before the appointment, enhancing the patient experience and encouraging upfront payments.
  2. Denial Management: Claim denials can disrupt the cash flow of a podiatry practice. With effective denial management, RCM software identifies and addresses the root causes of denials, reducing the claim denial rate and improving the practice's revenue.
  3. Payer Underpayment Detection: Payers sometimes underpay claims, which can lead to significant revenue loss over time. RCM software identifies these instances, allowing the practice to address underpayments and recover lost revenue.
  4. Automated Workflows: Efficiency is crucial in a podiatry practice. RCM software automates routine tasks, freeing up staff to focus on patient care and other high-priority tasks.
  5. Compliance Automation: Compliance with healthcare regulations, like the No Surprises Act, is simplified with RCM software. The software can auto-generate Good Faith Estimates, ensuring the practice remains compliant.

The Perks of RCM Software for Podiatry Practices

Adopting RCM software yields several benefits for a podiatry practice.

  1. Enhanced Patient Experience: By providing upfront cost estimates and facilitating online payments, RCM software enhances the patient experience, which can boost patient satisfaction and retention rates.
  2. Reduced Administrative Burden: Automating administrative tasks, such as patient billing and claims management, reduces the workload on the practice's staff, allowing them to focus on providing excellent patient care.
  3. Improved Financial Performance: By reducing claim denials, detecting payer underpayments, and promoting upfront patient payments, RCM software can significantly improve the practice's revenue and cash flow.
  4. Increased Compliance: Compliance with healthcare regulations is critical in today's healthcare environment. RCM software helps the practice stay compliant, reducing the risk of penalties and fines.

RCM Software Pricing for Podiatry Practices

RCM software is typically priced based on the volume of patient encounters, allowing it to scale to fit the needs of any podiatry practice. Unlimited users can be added without extra charges, ensuring that the entire team can access the system. In addition, most software providers offer subscription-based pricing, with standard monthly billing.

For practices that only require specific features, there are typically à la carte options available. These options allow practices to only pay for the features they need, potentially lowering the overall cost of the software. For the most accurate pricing, it's recommended to contact the software provider for a customized quote.

Upgrade Your Revenue Cycle with MD Clarity

RCM software can be a game-changer for your podiatry practice. From streamlining administrative processes to enhancing patient experience and boosting revenue, the advantages are significant. Book a demo to see how your podiatry practice can thrive financially while delivering superior patient care.


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