Revenue acceleration software designed for private practices

Growth strategies for private practices are evolving due to rising costs, higher interest rates, talent shortages, and decreasing payer reimbursements. There is an increased focus on operational efficiency, staff retention, and decreasing the cost to collect while enhancing the patient’s financial experience.

MD Clarity’s software platform helps practices accelerate cash flow and identify missed revenue opportunities through estimates of care, payer performance benchmarking, and proactive identification of underpayments. Clarity Flow and RevFind empower practices to reduce revenue leakage, get the most out of their managed care agreements, and reduce bad debt from unpaid patient responsibility – all while providing a smooth and transparent financial experience for patients.

Increase cash flow from patients and boost staff efficiency while providing price transparency

Clarity Flow’s workflow automation combines benefit intelligence and contract intelligence to share costs with all patients before their visits.

The software integrates with your practice management system, autosends most estimates by email or text with zero staff clicks, and empowers the patient to make a self-service up-front payment.

Clarity Flow Dashboard and Patient Responsibility Estimate Graphic

Reduce bad debt from unpaid patient responsibility

Shorten A/R days
Decrease cost-to-collect
Improve talent retention by automating repetitive tasks

Increase net revenue with MD Clarity’s RevFind

RevFind evaluates payer contracts, payer remittances, and chargemaster entries to identify revenue opportunities that were underpaid, undercharged, denied, or incorrectly processed by the payer.

We integrate with your practice management system or data warehouse to unlock powerful analytics and visualizations, allowing you to focus on maximum reimbursement with accurate data.

RevFind Dashboard Graphic

Maximize payer reimbursement per encounter

Recover underpaid claims
Optimize charge structure
Boost productivity
Determine which payer contracts are underperforming to prioritize renegotiation or other payer outreach

Get paid in full by bringing clarity to your revenue cycle