Published: Jun 03, 2023
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TruBridge Reviews: What Customers and Employees Think

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Learn about the ins and outs of TruBridge, read TruBridge reviews, and determine if the company is right for you.

What is TruBridge and what do they do?

TruBridge is a healthcare services company based in Mobile, Alabama, that provides a variety of revenue cycle management products and services to healthcare organizations of all sizes. With their services, they aim to boost productivity, increase cash flow, and free up time for healthcare workers to spend more time with their patients. They aim to solve the business problem within healthcare.

The company offers a variety of solutions, including:

  • TruBridge RCM Product Suite
  • TruBridge Complete Business Office
  • Medical Coding Service
  • Extended Business Office

Before reading some TruBridge reviews, we’ll break down some of these solutions and what TruBridge says they offer in them.

TruBridge RCM Suite

TruBridge's Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Suite is a package of financial management solutions and support meant to enhance performance throughout the patient journey, from the registration process to collections. The suite includes the following:

  • Contract Management: This feature helps staff ensure that claims receive proper reimbursement and that less time is spent on audits. According to TruBridge, $215,000 have been recovered in underpaid claims.
  • Patient Liability Estimates (PLE): The PLE feature allows healthcare organizations to accurately estimate patient financial responsibility before service delivery. With PLE, patients can receive an upfront estimate of the expected out-of-pocket costs for their care, enabling them to plan and budget for their medical expenses.
  • Eligibility Verification: With this feature, healthcare organizations can verify patient insurance coverage, check for any pre-existing conditions, and ensure that services rendered are medically necessary. This capability helps organizations reduce claim denials and increase reimbursements by identifying and addressing coverage issues early on.
  • Claim Scrubbing and Submission: The RCM Suite comes with claim scrubbing capabilities that identify errors and potential problems before claims are submitted. With this feature, healthcare organizations can optimize claim accuracy and submission, leading to fewer denials and faster reimbursement. TruBridge says this feature has a 97% first-pass clean claim rate.
  • Remittance Management: This feature normalizes 835 remittance data into compatible files for electronic posting, thereby reducing errors and increasing efficiency.
  • Denial and Audit Management: The Denial and Audit Management feature allows healthcare organizations to manage and track denials and appeals efficiently and can help identify and resolve denied and audited claims.
  • Reporting and Data Mining: This solution reports on financial details of claims and remits and allows customers to view their data in more than 350 reports and more than 200 drill-down graphs.
  • Deposit Bank Reconciliation: Remits and deposits are reconciled, and mismatches flow into queues for reconciliation.

TruBridge Complete Business Office

TruBridge Complete Business Office (CBO) is a comprehensive RCM solution designed for healthcare providers to increase cash flow and stabilize financials. According to TruBridge, the solution is able to increase cash collections by over 13% and reduce A/R days by up to 24%. The TruBridge CBO solution includes the following features:

  • Staff recruitment: TruBridge hires employees or acts as the business office for their clients.
  • Clients get paid first: TruBridge gets paid after their clients, which TruBridge says ensures that the clients can be confident they are working hard to improve collections.
  • HFMA Peer Reviewed solutions: In this package, TruBridge uses its technology to speed up the billing process by reducing errors and denials.

Medical Coding Service

TruBridge's Medical Coding Service is a solution designed to help healthcare providers accurately assign the correct codes to medical procedures and services for billing and reimbursement purposes. This is a critical component of the revenue cycle management process, as it ensures that providers receive timely and accurate payment for the services they provide.

This is a HIPAA-compliant service, and according to TruBridge, it has 95% accuracy and a fast turnaround. This solution is offered as a full or partial outsourcing solution tailored to the customer’s needs.

Extended Business Office

TruBridge's Extended Business Office (EBO) is an RCM solution designed to help healthcare providers create a regular revenue cycle and manage cash flow.

The TruBridge EBO solution includes the following components:

  • Intake Management: Clients can prepare patients in advance for scheduled services and collect payments upfront to streamline processes.
  • Early Out Service: This service includes a personalized patient engagement suite, payment portal, and monthly analytics.
  • Insurance Follow-Up Service: TruBridge works to resolve recoverable claims with the Insurance Follow-Up service.
  • A/R Recovery Service: TruBridge collection experts work to recover older small balance co-pays and low-dollar insurance claims.

What is CPSI and how is TruBridge related?

CPSI is a healthcare information technology company that provides software and services to community hospitals and post-acute care facilities. CPSI offers a range of solutions, including electronic health records (EHRs) solutions, revenue cycle management (RCM) systems, and patient engagement tools.

TruBridge is a subsidiary of CPSI. CPSI acquired TruBridge to expand its offerings in the RCM space and to provide additional support and services to its customers.

Actual TruBridge Customer Reviews

The customer always knows best. Before using any service, it’s important to understand why people like it and why they don’t like it, so you can avoid surprises because what a company claims and what customers experience can, at times, be quite different. Read on to discover TruBridge reviews that will help you learn more about the company and the level of service they provide.

TruBridge G2 Reviews

TruBridge has four reviews on G2, a peer-to-peer technology review site. The average rating for TruBridge is a respectable 3.4 out of 5 stars.

Positive TruBridge User Reviews


One customer liked how accessible TruBridge is and the ease of accessing documents. They also liked how the systems in place helped them prevent clutter and put all their documents in one spot.


In another positive review, a customer liked how easy it is to access records like pay stubs, W2s, and annual documents. They also liked how TruBridge offers PDF viewing and printing of their documents.

Less-than-stellar TruBridge Customer Reviews

While some customers were satisfied with the reliability and accessibility of TruBridge, not everyone was as pleased with TruBridge. Many found some weaknesses in less-than-stellar TruBridge reviews.

Issues with claims

While one customer liked that claims can be corrected in real time, they were frustrated with how some claims that weren't errors received an error status.


Another customer found TruBridge to be inefficient and came across issues with easily obtaining reports.

TruBridge Employee Reviews

Employees build up a company and their culture, so you'd want to know whether employees are satisfied with the company or not.

TruBridge’s Reviews on Glassdoor

There are currently 107 employee reviews on Glassdoor, with an average rating of 3.4 stars out of 5. While only 66% of employees would recommend the company to a friend, 82% approve of the CEO.

Low pay

According to one employee, the pay they received was low for the level of experience and type of coding they did. However, praise went to the supportive environment and opportunities for training and advancement.


One employee was not impressed with how little flexibility TruBridge offers despite working a remote job. They also felt they were not given enough time off for sick days, personal days, and vacation days.

Seniority doesn’t matter

One employee found that seniority in the company means very little, as some employees who have worked at TruBridge for years are getting paid less than a recently hired person with no experience. The employee also found that the managers they have come across have been subpar, to say the least, and make the working environment very difficult.

Reviews of TruBridge on Indeed

On Indeed, TruBridge reviews from employees are slightly lower, with an average of 2.5 out of 5 stars from 207 employees.

Thrown to the wolves

One employee felt that expectations were unreasonably high and that they had come across disrespectful managers.

Flexible schedule but low pay

One employee found that while they liked having a flexible schedule and decent benefits, the salary raises at TruBridge are not great, and it takes years to get a bonus.

Poor management

One employee stated that there is favoritism amongst management and felt some employees were unfairly growing in their jobs because they were friends with the boss.

Need an alternative to TruBridge? Try MD Clarity

TruBridge, all in all, has received mixed reviews from customers and employees. While some customers have praised the company for its accessibility and reliability, others have expressed dissatisfaction with TruBridge's services. As for the employees, some like the work environment and benefits, while others feel underappreciated and underpaid.

If the TruBridge reviews you’ve read today make you rethink whether you want to work with the company, there is an alternative — MD Clarity.

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