Published: May 30, 2023

Top 8 Rivet Health Alternatives & Competitors 2024

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Rex H.
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Revenue cycle management (RCM) software helps healthcare providers handle payments, patient estimates, claims, and contracts. They can automatically detect underpayments and verify patients' eligibility for health benefits.

Rivet Health offers modern RCM tools designed for operational efficiency and financial transparency. However, like most software providers, they're not the best solution for all.

If Rivet doesn't seem like the best RCM software for your healthcare organization, keep reading to learn about the top eight alternatives to Rivet Health.

Top 8 Rivet Health Alternatives

  • MD Clarity
  • TriZetto
  • Change Healthcare
  • Waystar
  • TruBridge
  • Dentrix
  • StrataPT

A Rivet Health alternative that is most similar and more mature

MD Clarity


MD Clarity is a mature player in the RCM software space. It was founded in 2010, which is 8 years before Rivet's founding in 2018. MD Clarity is a social-impact-driven software company that strives to empower patients by ensuring they understand the financial impact of their healthcare choices, while also advocating for fair compensation for providers from health insurers as part of their mission to create a more transparent and equitable healthcare system.

It serves a variety of healthcare organizations including ambulatory surgical centers, health systems, and managed service organizations.

Over the years, MD Clarity has automated workflows for 3,000+ facilities, 150,000+ providers, and 20,000,000+ patient encounters across the United States. 

Features in common with Rivet Health

MD Clarity has close to 100% overlap with Rivet and is the closest competitor in terms of feature parity. It provides similar tools, including:

  • Clarity Flow: This is MD Clarity's answer to Rivet's Patient Pricing. It generates out-of-pocket cost estimates at a high level of accuracy, encouraging patients to make upfront deposits. It can auto-send patient cost estimates through text, email, or letter and also be used to comply with the No Surprises Act as a good faith estimate solution.
  • Contract Analytics: MD Clarity's version of Rivet's Payer Performance. It tells you how your insurance contracts are performing and can simulate the impact of contract changes on cash flow. You can also use it to compare performance across payer contracts so you can renegotiate from stronger positions.
  • RevFind: This is MD Clarity's answer to Rivet's Claim Resolution. It provides transparency for your revenue cycle staff. It spots patterns of underpayment by insurance providers, ensures your team is setting your chargemaster optimally, and assigns appeals and investigations to staff. Users can also see task statuses all in one place.

A Rivet Health alternative that focuses more on billing and coding services



TriZetto Provider Solutions was founded as Gateway EDI and was acquired by Cognizant in 2014. TriZetto provides some solutions in the RCM space, but is heavily focused on billing, coding, and credentialing services as well.

Features in common with Rivet Health

Like Rivet, TriZetto combines customer-focused services and intuitive products with in-depth industry knowledge to simplify medical practice management. TriZetto solutions include:

  • Patient engagement solutions: You can use it to verify patient eligibility, simplify the authorization process, have informed conversations about financial responsibility and eligibility with patients, and increase upfront payments.
  • Denials and contract management solutions: You can automate the identification of institutional and professional denials and underpayments, audit payers for compliance, streamline recovery, and optimize operations with business intelligence and analytics.


TriZetto has an average rating of 4.3/5 stars on G2.

A Rivet Health alternative that produces APIs for automating RCM

Change Healthcare


Change Healthcare Inc. was formerly known as Emdeon before rebranding in 2015. It aims to accelerate healthcare transformation through the Change Healthcare Platform.

Features similar to those of Rivet Health

The Change Healthcare Platform has features in common with Rivet Health; however, some features are provided in the form of APIs, which does not make it an ideal fit for some. Features include:

  • Healthcare application programming interfaces (APIs): You can manage and consolidate transactions by streamlining the intake process for benefits verification, eligibility, claims submission, payments, and processing.
  • Reimbursement solutions: These solutions help payers and providers streamline claims processing and prevent denials before submission.
  • Data access APIs: You can use these tools to manage risk adjustments better, ensure accurate payments, and improve Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) scores.


Change Healthcare has a score of 3.7/5 stars on G2.

A Rivet Health alternative that is known for its claims clearinghouse



ZirMed and Navicure merged in 2017 and rebranded to Waystar in 2018. The company is headquartered in Louisville, KY. Waystar is known for running one of the largest and most recognized claims clearinghouses.

Features in common with Rivet Health

Waystar has some shared features with Rivet Health. These include:

  • Financial Clearance: This draws on predictive analytics and the latest tech to simplify prior authorization processes and eligibility verification. It also helps patients understand their financial obligations and gives providers visibility into patients' propensity to pay.
  • Revenue Capture: This tool uses machine learning and predictive analytics as well as Waystar's dedicated team of certified coding experts to identify and correct coding mistakes.
  • Claim Management: This suite helps you prevent denials and rejections before they happen, automate claim monitoring, and simplify attachments. It is also the only platform that lets you work on both government and commercial claims in one place.


Waystar has 4.5/5 stars on G2.

A Rivet Health alternative that provides outsourced RCM services



TruBridge was founded in 2013 and has helped many healthcare organizations with revenue cycle management. The company provides both consulting services and software solutions. 

Features similar to those of Rivet Health

TruBridge has some features in common with Rivet Health. These are:

  • Patient Liability Estimates (PLEs): Essentially, PLEs are TruBridge's name for GFEs. TruBridge's PLEs give patients approximate out-of-pocket expenses before service, giving them more confidence to pay faster.
  • Claim Scrubbing and Submission: This product accelerates payments and minimizes processing time with a 97% first-pass clean claim rate according to TruBridge.
  • Denial and Audit Management: This solution offers cross-departmental workflow management tools that spot and resolve denied and audited claims. Use this system to get paid faster, drive productivity, and minimize repetitive tasks.


TruBridge has a rating of 3.4/5 on G2.

A Rivet Health alternative that specializes in behavioral health centers


AZZLY was established in 2009 and is headquartered in Orlando, Florida. The company focuses on delivering an integrated, cloud-based solution for behavioral health and addiction treatment providers to streamline their practice management, electronic health records, and revenue cycle management processes.


AZZLY's features include:

  • eBilling & Claims: A feature that streamlines the submission and tracking of electronic bills and insurance claims. This allows providers to efficiently manage their billing processes, monitor claim status, and reduce errors. Additionally, it ensures timely reimbursements by facilitating faster claim submissions and addressing any issues that may arise during the process.
  • Auto-Claims: An automated feature that generates insurance claims based on the provided patient and service information. This simplifies the claims process and reduces the possibility of errors, leading to faster reimbursements and fewer denials. By streamlining the claims process, healthcare providers can devote more time to patient care and other essential tasks.

Azzly has 3.9/5 stars on Capterra.

A Rivet Health alternative that is geared toward dentists



Dentrix Dental Systems was founded in 1985 and acquired by Henry Schein, Inc. in 1997. It was the first practice management system for Windows in 1989 and the first to be approved for Windows 98.

Unlike the other Rivet competitors on this list, the Dentrix practice management software is specifically designed for dental practices.


Dentrix’s features include:

  • Billing and collection tools: You can use this to accelerate payment collection, manage debit and credit card payments, create and send billing statements, and collect payments in less time. They also let you track patient eligibility and insurance claims.
  • Clinical tools: These tools integrate with a wide range of office tools and place information about every payer in one centralized hub. You can also use them to record, store, and view data graphically or numerically.


Dentrix has 4.3/5 stars on Software Advice and GetApp.

A Rivet Health alternative that specializes in physical therapists



StrataPT was founded in 2010 for physical, occupational, and speech therapists. The company provides more than just practice management software — it also offers a full-service billing team dedicated to helping practices and providers get paid.

Features in common with Rivet Health

StrataPT's RCM and billing solution has several features in common with Rivet Health. These include:

  • Patient statement clarity and online bill pay features: Use these features to schedule real-time balance alerts for clients and give them a simple way to review and pay their invoices through text or email.
  • Automated Medicare eligibility features: This shows you a patient's Medicare eligibility so you don't have to log into Medicare's portal.
  • StrataPT's insurance credentialing service: This service conducts paper analyses for your local market, submits payer applications, and conducts weekly follow-ups with payers until you receive approval letters.


StrataPT has a rating of 4/5 on Software Advice and a rating of 5/5 stars on Software Finder.

See for yourself how the competition stacks up

If you want a solution that is similar to Rivet but more established, consider MD Clarity. MD Clarity's products boost patient experience and your bottom line by automating patient cost estimates, contact optimization, and payer underpayment detection in one place. MD Clarity's Clarity Flow, Contract Analytics, and RevFind provide nearly all of the same features as Rivet's Patient Pricing, Payer Performance, and Claim Resolution, respectively.

Interested in seeing firsthand how MD Clarity stacks against Rivet Health? Book a personalized demo today.

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