Published: Jun 30, 2023

The Best Infinx Alternatives in 2024

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Rex H.
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Revenue cycle management software helps practices stay on top of finances. Infinx is one of many software options designed to optimize your cycle, leading to better cash flow and business performance. However, Infinx has pros and cons and may not serve every clinic well. Here are the top eight Infinx alternatives and competitors that may be a better option.

What Is Infinx and What Do They Do?

Founded in 2012, Infinx is a revenue cycle management (RCM) company based in San Jose, California. The company offers automated RCM technology to specialty practices, ambulatory surgery clinics, acute care and rural hospitals, and physician groups. 

Infinx started in RCM with consulting services, helping a large radiology group optimize manual prior authorization. After some success, Infinx eventually developed technology to automate and scale its process for others.

The technology evolved to a cloud-based solution with EHR, EMR, and practice management integrations to its current iteration. Today, the Infinx platform is an automated RCM solution using artificial intelligence, robotic process, natural language processing, and cognitive automation.

Infinx features H7, X12, FHIR, or API integrations for prior authorization, clearinghouse and patient access, and practice management software. The platform also includes coding technology and workflow management, providing complete visibility into the prior authorization process and patient financial history.

List of Best Infinx Alternatives

  • MD Clarity
  • Change Healthcare
  • DrChrono
  • TruBridge
  • TriZetto
  • Dentrix
  • Waystar
  • StrataPT

Top 8 Alternatives & Competitors to Infinx

Here is a summary of the top eight Infinx competitors. 

MD Clarity


MD Clarity is a software-as-a-service company offering automated eligibility verification, patient pay estimates, and contract analytics solutions for better financial performance. MD Clarity launched in 2010 and serves physician groups, ambulatory surgery clinics, and specialty practices such as orthopedics, urology, ophthalmology, and anesthesiology.  

MD Clarity helps practices verify benefits, send estimates, collect payments, and track underpayments. Patients get better transparency into their bills while practices gain control over the revenue cycle and claim submissions. 

Features in Common With Infinx

MD Clarity offers similar features and tools as Infinx, including:

  • Web-based portal
  • Automated eligibility verification
  • Patient estimates
  • Payment collection
  • Claims denial management
  • Payer and revenue cycle analytics

MD Clarity’s flagship products are essentially the same as Infinx. Here’s a breakdown and comparison:

  • RevFind: RevFind is an underpayment detection software that tracks payer revenue and automatically finds and appeals underpayments based on negotiated rates. It’s similar to Infinx clearinghouse access integrations and insurance discovery. 
  • Clarity Flow: The Clarity Flow estimate solution shares most of the features of Infinx Patient Access and Patient Access Plus products. Clarity Flow helps practices verify eligibility and benefits, automatically send patient pay estimates via mail, email, or text, and collect deposits and revenues online. 
  • Contract Analytics: MD Clarity digitizes contracts into one place and compares rates against national standards. This function is comparable to Infinx ChargeView and allows practices to optimize the chargemaster and maximize service rates.

Change Healthcare


Change Healthcare is a health tech company based in Nashville, Tennessee. It launched in 2007, was later acquired by Emdeon in 2014, and merged with McKesson Technology Solutions in 2016. 

Change Healthcare has a wide selection of automated and intuitive products, including revenue management, medical imaging, and benefits verification. Its end-to-end RCM software helps clinics verify benefits, process clean claims, and collect payments faster and easier. 

Change Healthcare serves specialty practices such as:

  • Dental networks
  • Medical networks
  • Pharmacies
  • Healthcare systems
  • Labs
  • Radiology centers

Features in Common With Infinx

Change Healthcare offers a few different solutions than Infinx, specifically medical imaging products. However, the RCM, claims management, and patient engagement products are comparable to Infinx. 

Change Healthcare and Infinx have a few features in common, including:

  • Web-based platform
  • Clearinghouse integration
  • Eligibility verification
  • Claims and denial management
  • Coding technology and specialists
  • Prescription integrations
  • Patient estimates

Change Healthcare has a wide selection of software you can bundle to build a custom system. A few products are similar to Infinx:

  • Clearance Patient Access Suite: The clearance suite is Change Healthcare’s eligibility verification software. It integrates with clearinghouses and payers and allows clinics to check benefits, automatically generate prior authorization, create and send estimates to patients, and post payments. This product is the equivalent of Infinx Patient Access.
  • Coordination of Benefits: This solution is similar to Infinix ChargeView and helps practices identify all benefit sources before submitting a claim. Like ChargeView, the Coordination of Benefits product also automatically identifies and recovers improper payments and claims errors.


Change Healthcare rates 3.8 out of 5 stars on G2. 



DrChrono is a health tech company based in Sunnyvale, California. The company launched in 2009 with an EHR product and evolved to combine medical billing, practice management, and RCM software. Clinics can schedule appointments, see patients virtually, check benefits, process billing, and run clean claims from one solution. 

DrChrono is designed for:

  • Specialty clinics
  • Alternative medicine clinics
  • Telemedicine 
  • Large and small clinics
  • Multi-specialty groups

Features in Common With Infinx

Where Infinx is an RCM solution with EHR software integrations, DrChrono software is an all-in-one platform. It includes EHR, scheduling, check-in, patient portals, telemedicine, billing, and payments. 

Infinx doesn’t focus on as many functions, but the two software still share similar features, including:

  • Cloud-based or web-based platform
  • Automated benefits check
  • Claims submission
  • Patient estimates
  • Claims and denial management
  • Document capture
  • White glove coding and billing support

DrChrono products also share features with Infinx, including:

  • Medical Billing: Like Infinx Patient Access, DrChrono’s billing solution integrates with clearinghouses and payers and generates real-time eligibility verification, automated claims submissions, patient statements, and denials management. It also includes an up-to-date medical coding database and coding support. 
  • Revenue Cycle Outsourcing: Infinx and DrChrono offer RCM outsourcing and white glove medical billing support. Experts audit your revenue cycle and provide actionable advice on optimizing revenue. 


DrChrono rates 3.6 out of 5 stars on G2.



TruBridge is an RCM consulting and outsourcing company founded in 2013. The company is a subsidiary of CPSI, in business since 1979. TruBridge combines RCM software with consulting. According to its website, the company takes a root-cause approach and starts by auditing the revenue cycle. Then it recommends a custom system of TruBridge products.

TruBridge solutions serve:

  • Hospitals
  • Healthcare groups
  • Medical centers
  • Healthcare systems

Features in Common With Infinx

Infinx and TruBridge focus solely on revenue management and financial performance for practices. The solutions have other similarities, including:

  • Consulting services
  • Clearinghouse and payer integration
  • Benefits verification
  • Claims submission
  • Denial management
  • Document capture
  • Payment posting

TruBridge offers two product suites that compare with Infinx Patient Access and Full Service RCM options:

  • RCM Product Suite: The TruBridge RCM Product Suite is a collection of software products much like Infinx Patient Access. The RCM Suite includes contract management and underpayment discovery, automated eligibility verification, patient estimates, claims submission, and denial management. 
  • Complete Business Office (CBO): CBO is a software and service package that includes RCM consulting service with the RCM Product Suite. TruBridge audits your operations, recommends operational improvements, and implements its technology to improve claims, collections, and cash flow. CBO is similar to Infinx Full Service RCM.


TruBridge rates 3.4 out of 5 stars on G2. 

TriZetto Provider Solutions


Trizetto Provider Solutions is a health tech company based in Newport Beach, California. It began as Gateway EDI in 1984 and was bought and sold several times before Cognizant acquired it in 2014. 

The Trizetto platform is a collection of healthcare software products that integrate claims and denial management, patient engagement, billing and coding, and contract management for a better revenue cycle. Trizetto serves:

  • Physician practices
  • Hospitals
  • Health systems
  • Payers

Features in common with Infinx

TriZetto is more complex than Infinx. It offers a large selection of add-on products, which stack on three core products known as QicLink, Facets, and QNXT. However, while Infinx is more straightforward, both solutions have similar functions and features, including:

  • Prior authorization 
  • Eligibility verification
  • Claims submission
  • Denials management
  • Patient estimates
  • Payment collection
  • Medical billing services

Where Infinx is a single product, TriZetto has dozens of add-ons. Trizetto’s core products do essentially the same thing as Infinx, just at a grander and almost overwhelming scale. Here’s a breakdown:

  • QicLink: This core Trizetto product is for third-party claims processing companies. It integrates with payers and providers to deliver prior authorization for hospitals and clinics, claims processing, and billing. It’s more advanced than Patient Access and is for third-party companies rather than clinics or practices.
  • QXNT: Trizetto QNXT is essentially the same as QicLink but designed for practices, hospitals, and clinics. It shares some features with Infinx Patient Access and runs automated benefits checks, claims submissions, and billing.


TriZetto rates 4.3 out of 5 stars on G2.



Founded in 1989, Dentrix Enterprise is a practice management solution for dental practices. It offers several products to manage patient records, communication, and the revenue cycle. The RCM products combine dental billing and accounting with eligibility verification, claims submission, and payment processing. Dentrix serves private multi-site dental practices, large dental groups, and public dental systems. 

Features in Common With Infinx

Where Infinx serves many healthcare organizations, including dental, Dentrix Enterprise is specifically for dental clinics. Some common features and functions include:

  • Automated prior authorization
  • Automated billing
  • Payment collection and processing
  • Automated claims submission
  • Payment posting
  • A/R reconciliation

Dentrix and Infinx RCM products are also similar, but Dentrix is better for multi-site dental clinics. Here’s a breakdown of Dentrix RCM software:

  • eClaims: Dentrix eClaims verifies eligibility and creates, validates, and auto-sends insurance claims directly to payers. Dentrix eClaims is the equivalent of Infinx Patient Access. 
  • QuickBill: Like the Infinx platform, Dentrix QuickBill simplifies dental billing with patient statements, claim submission and denial management, collections, and payment processing. 
  • ERA and 835 Utility Import: These tools work with Dentrix eClaims to reconcile claims and manage billing. Seamlessly import electronic remittance advice and reimbursements and post them to records. Infinx offers payment posting, but these are services rather than software functions.


Dentrix rates 4 out of 5 stars on G2.



Waystar is an RCM tech company founded in 2017 after a merger between ZirMed and Navicure. The cloud-based platform combines financial clearance with billing, claims and denial management, patient engagement, analytics, and reporting. 

The Waystar solution serves:

  • Hospitals and health systems
  • Specialty practices
  • Skilled nursing facilities
  • Labs
  • Ambulatory surgery centers
  • Durable medical equipment

Features in Common With Infinx

Like Infinx, Waystar offers intuitive, automated RCM features in one web-based or cloud-hosted platform. Each function is part of one platform, so users don’t need to pick and choose products. 

Waystar key functions are similar to Infinx, including:

  • Financial Clearance: The Waystar platform has payment collection tools, including eligibility verification, charity screening, propensity-to-pay detection, and patient estimates. 
  • Claims Management: Waystar also uses automated clearinghouse tools to enroll patients, process claims, attach documents for claims, and monitor progress. Like Infinx, the platform helps to prevent and detect errors and denials to improve cash flow.


Waystar has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on G2.



Founded in 2010, StrataPT is an EMR and RCM platform for physical therapy practices. The cloud-based solution combines medical charting and patient engagement with billing and claims management.

StrataPT serves outpatient:

  • Physical therapy clinics
  • Occupational therapy clinics
  • Speech pathology practices

Features in Common With Infinx

Where Infinx serves multiple types of practices and centers, StrataPT focuses on a niche market of therapy practices. Each company offers RCM, but StrataPT’s RCM functions are a service. 

You can manage denials, appeals, and A/R recovery directly from the Infinx platform with added RCM and medical billing services from experts. In contrast, StrataPT is more limited and only offers RCM outsourcing, handling billing, denial management, claims scrubbing, and other functions for you.

However, the StrataRCM products have some similarities to Infinx Patient Access, including:

  • StrataEMR: The StrataPT EMR workflow includes eligibility verification, prior authorization, insurance credentialing for faster enrollment, and patient payment collection. 
  • Strata Clarity Panel: The Clarity Panel is a reporting function in StrataPT that updates every charge for every patient in real-time. It does include online bills and alerts for faster payment collection, but the platform is otherwise limited in RCM functions. 


G2 users haven’t rated StrataPT, but Capterra rates StrataPT at 4 out of 5 stars. However, there is only one review, which may not fully reflect consumer opinions. 

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MD Clarity is a top Infinx alternative, offering automated patient estimates, prior authorization, contract management, and underpayment detection in one intuitive platform. Increase practice efficiency and financial performance with MD Clarity. Schedule a demo today.  

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