Published: Mar 08, 2023
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Best Practice Management Software: 22 PM Systems for Providers

Rex H.
Rex H.
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We have reviewed 22 of the best practice management software systems for medical providers so you can know the top available offerings for 2024. We aggregated ratings from G2, Capterra, and SoftwareAdvice, and ranked the list from highest to lowest in order of ratings.

There are hundreds of practice management software platforms on the market today. These are some of the best for your overall operational and patient care needs.

The Best Practice Management Software of 2024

Luma Health

Aggregated Rating: 4.81 (131+ Reviews)

Luma Health’s Patient Success Platform™ lets users stack EHR forms, intake modules, billing, and telehealth systems like building blocks to create a fully operational patient management system. Luma helps to improve patient referrals by 37% and increase revenue by up to 39% on average in the first six months of use.


  • Patient messaging and appointment reminders reduce no-shows and keep patients coming in the door
  • Waitlists and cancellation management keep the schedule full and help patients find available appointments
  • Mobile check-in and patient intake speed up the front-end work and lets staff attend to more critical office needs
  • Community interconnections with other providers, hospitals, and labs
  • Multilingual messaging helps with outreach and lets patients discuss their care in over 20 available languages

Best for?

Health systems with maxed-out call centers and high patient-to-staff ratios, Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) needing to reach patients and offer additional care resources, and specialty clinics that need better community awareness and increased scheduling.


Aggregated Rating: 4.49 (85+ Reviews)

MedicsPremier is a multi-modality cloud-based platform from ADSC that features multiple apps integrated into a single practice management system. The apps can be used individually as well as with the all-in-one platform to give the provider a comprehensive automated management system.


  • Out-of-network alerts appear during scheduling to notify front-office staff when there is a conflict with their insurance
  • Eligibility verification and real-time claim tracking, including pre-appointment batch eligibility verifications for efficient patient processing
  • Proactive alerts for possible claim denials and attorney access for an early claim denial appeal; this helps to protect revenue before it is lost
  • Text reminders for billing and patient engagement
  • Inventory tracking and sales tax calculations
  • EHR modules for billing, radiology, and behavioral health

Best for?

MedicsPremier has all-in-one and specialty apps for behavioral and mental health practices, radiology, general practices and medical facilities, laboratories, billing companies, and a wide range of specialty and boutique practices.

ModMed (Modernizing Medicine)

Aggregated Rating: 4.44 (192+ Reviews)

ModMed is an award-winning specialty-specific management platform. Services include multiple management systems, such as practice, inventory, revenue cycle, analytics, and patient engagement tools. The cloud-based platform allows seamless integration and all-in-one solutions for medical offices.


  • EMA® cloud-based software EHR system designed for a range of medical specialties, from allergy to urology.
  • Appointment finder and patient self-scheduling through its online app
  • APPatientTM, a patient-facing telehealth mobile app
  • ModMed Telehealth — a video and audio telemedicine solution offering remote access for patient/doctor contact
  • Multi-level analytics generate immediate reports on key performance indicators

Best for?

Practices and providers that need support enhancing their revenue stream and improving their online presence. The platform can be tailored for the specific needs of multiple specialties and is flexible enough for any size practice.


Aggregated Rating: 4.33 (363+ Reviews)

Qualifacts is a behavioral health-specific EHR system designed for the full range of behavioral, psychiatric, and clinical needs of a mental health care provider. Qualifacts offers methods of improving revenue flow, maintaining regulatory compliance, and improving patient outcomes.


  • State and federal compliance report writing and regulatory updating give administrators more time for company operations
  • HIPAA-compliant billing improves clean claim rate while maintaining regulatory compliance
  • Online and real-time treatment plans and patient assessment lets staff and patients work together to take charge of patient outcomes
  • Improved intake and scheduling keep your client population active and robust

Best for?

Behavioral healthcare providers, certified community behavioral healthcare clinics (CCBHCs), substance use disorder centers, inpatient/residential treatment centers, and other behavioral health treatment programs that need specialized EHR system software for their billing and practice management needs.


Aggregated Rating: 4.28 (71+ Reviews)

CollaborateMD is a medical practice management solution that streamlines and automates coding and billing processes. The system is comprehensive and user-friendly, with an interface that users can learn at all experience levels. CollaborateMD has one of the highest clean claim rates in the industry, at over 99% First Pass Rate Acceptance (FPRA).


  • Appointment scheduling and reminders keep patient traffic moving and reduce office downtime
  • Real-time insurance eligibility verification reduces the time staff members spend on insurance and benefit checking
  • Multiple reporting options track finances and revenue streams and flag places for improvement
  • Automated charge capture helps to eliminate lost charges and improve income flow
  • EHR integration lets front office staff post charges and payments to the patient account with minimal errors

Best for?

Ideal for startups and multi-provider practices. CollaborateMD can help simplify medical billing, improve office workflow, and increase revenue growth in large and small offices.


Aggregated Rating: 4.25 (2663+ Reviews)

SimplePractice features easy-to-use HIPAA-compliant software that helps health and wellness professionals automate scheduling, payment processing, documentation, and more. Key features include appointment reminders, insurance claim management, a Client Portal, and simplified online billing.


  • Telehealth video appointments for both professionals and patients on the go
  • Customizable document templates for intake forms, treatment plans, billing and invoicing, and more
  • Paperless billing and autopay allow secure online payments and claim filing
  • Primary and secondary insurance claim filing
  • Website builder promotes your online presence and integrates with your practice management system and patient portal
  • iPhone and Android compatible so it can be downloaded to most popular tablets and devices

Best for?

SimplePractice meets the needs of mental health professionals, counselors, therapists, nutritionists, lactation consultants, and other alternative medical practitioners who need a flexible practice management system with traditional features.


Aggregated Rating: 4.25 (390+ Reviews)

RXNT is a cloud-based ONC-certified medical software system designed to streamline billing and improve revenue cycle management. Single sign-on at point of care lets physicians and medical providers access patient history immediately.


  • Customizable smart forms reduce redundancy and minimize the risk of claim rejection
  • ChargeCapture on iOS and Android lets office staff document patient visits in real-time and control billing
  • Real-time eligibility checks and claim alerts help prevent costly denials and appeals
  • Comprehensive ICD-10 code database with automatic updates
  • Individual modules integrate with the full suite package to provide a complete practice management system

Best for?

Customizable for all practices and specialties that need an improved revenue management system. The modules can build on existing systems if a provider does not need or want a full system.


Aggregated Rating: 4.21 (970+ Reviews)

TheraNest was created by therapists for therapists who need a practice management system for their unique needs. TheraNest offers custom-tailored solutions for big and small practices, 24/7 web-based access and support, and a HIPAA-compliant client portal for patient and therapist interaction.


  • Client portal that lets patients schedule and cancel appointments to keep the practice moving
  • Online intake forms, questionnaires, and billing information keeps your system current
  • Telehealth sessions give busy practitioners easy contact with patients
  • Analytics and reporting can be made directly from the management system, so you have a quick view of your progress and patient outcomes
  • DSM/ICD codes and updates when you need them without having to download new modules
  • Wiley Notes and Practice Planner makes treatment plans and note writing a breeze
  • Unlimited data storage and online support

Best for?

Mental health practitioners in all communities, nonprofit organizations who need a flexible and mobile system, and social workers looking for a way to interact with remote clients.


Aggregated Rating: 4.18 (190+ Reviews)

PatientPop assists healthcare providers with patient engagement, new client intake and referrals, and improved outreach through social media. PatientPop offers modules in social media management, marketing, and reputation control. Its app lets patients schedule appointments through their social media accounts. There is also a search engine and website tracker to monitor the provider’s website efficiency.


  • Update provider profiles, and place your content into local directories
  • SEO optimization, improved tags, and increased traffic from clickthroughs
  • PatientPop’s easy-to-use dashboard lets you update your own site with ease
  • Monitor reviews from multiple sites like Yelp, Google, and Angi
  • Request reviews and notifications from patients
  • Telehealth scheduling and appointments make remote patient visits a snap
  • Digital registration and intake let new patients register from home, and let existing patients update their billing information

Best for?

Practices and providers who need assistance with their marketing and social media platforms. PatientPop focuses on patient engagement and social media appearance, something most medical providers lack in today’s market.


Aggregated Rating: 4.17 (27+ Reviews)

MedEvolve has a full-service practice management system that integrates with more than 40 EMR systems. The RCM features real-time analytics, medical billing and financial clearance automation, task management software, and AI systems to improve workflow and increase front-office efficiency.


  • Workflow scheduling module that helps your front-office staff make appointment changes, reschedule and cancel appointments, manage physician delays, and backfill empty appointment slots
  • Real-time and advanced eligibility verification keeps claim denials low and revenue streams high
  • Patient cost estimator that allows for good-faith invoicing for patients
  • Real-time analytics speed up the decision-making process by locating KPIs of issues and concerns
  • Customizable templates for intake forms, billing, invoicing, and statements

Best for?

MedEvolve was developed for specialty practices and mid-range medical groups that need to automate their front-end workflow and improve task management while keeping their costs down.


Aggregated Rating: 4.14 (482+ Reviews)

NueMD is a complete practice management system software with EHR, medical billing, and mobile services. NueMD offers cloud-based storage of patient data and files so providers have real-time access no matter when or where they are. NueMD also handles patient billing and collections.


  • Customizable software packages for over 100 specialties give every office its own special EHR.
  • Flexible documentation templates let you design your own forms and paperwork
  • EHR is fully integrated with medical billing software
  • PatientPortal lets patients set their own appointments and update their information online
  • Medical billing services handle claim scrubbing, collections, and denials so office staff don’t need to
  • Reporting and analytics are available in real-time from the cloud
  • Mobile charge capture reduces errors and increases revenue flow

Best for?

NueMD was developed for small and medium-sized practices that need extra help with collections and billing and who want some assistance in improving their workflow and revenue stream. NueMD is a part of AdvancedMD and can be upgraded to AdvancedMD systems.


Aggregated Rating: 4.02 (185+ Reviews)

Nextech is a full-featured EMR and Practice Management solution within a single database. It is used by thousands of physicians and providers worldwide. The system can be customized to any provider’s individual needs but is powerful enough to handle the largest facility’s data.


  • Drag-and-drop scheduling lets front office staff check patients in and out quickly and confirm appointments
  • Real-time insurance eligibility checks before or during check-in
  • Immediate updates for patient demographics, insurance information, and payment histories
  • Payment and billing automation means better workflow and fewer errors
  • Improved clean claims rates lead to fewer denials and improved cash flow
  • Nextech Lead Management helps design and assess marketing and patient conversion rates

Best for?

Nextech was developed for dermatologists, plastic surgeons, ophthalmologists, and orthopedists who have specialized needs from their practice management system and want a customizable software platform that can improve their workload.


Aggregated Rating: 3.95 (491+ Reviews)

Kareo is the only cloud-based clinical- and business-management platform purpose-built for independent practices. Its all-in-one integrated modules work together seamlessly to empower you with the tools to tackle your toughest administrative challenges.


  • Automated revenue process management improves the billing process
  • Catch unpaid and overdue payments quickly and keep patient accounts current
  • Rapid data migration merges existing clinical notes with Kareo’s EHR
  • HIPAA-compliant telehealth meets patient expectations and physician demands
  • Online scheduling and text reminders keep office traffic moving
  • Improved claims submission and scrubbing prevent rejection and denial
  • Rapid eligibility and verification

Best for?

Kareo was designed for small and independent practices that need to increase their patient base and speed up their pay rate without extended training and downtime.

NextGen Practice Management

Aggregated Rating: 3.86 (1377+ Reviews)

NextGen® Office is a cloud-based practice management software solution designed for bigger practices. It offers an out-of-the-box system that can be installed and used with only an internet connection. Features include a patient portal, specialty-specific EHR, and MACRA/MIPS dashboard.


  • Customizable appointment scheduling lets office staff see the day at a glance via color-coded templates for time periods, rooms, providers, and more
  • Built-in automated authorization requests, payer status, eligibility verification, and more mean less time spent waiting on the phone
  • Patient self-scheduling lets patients arrange their own appointments and cancellations, reducing no-shows and gaps in coverage
  • In-Line Edits allow quick fixes to coding errors and reduce claim denials
  • Automated charge review speeds up payments by checking charge data before entry

Best for?

Ideal for providers who want a plug-and-play system and are ready to manage their own automation and practice management upgrade without an in-office visit.


Aggregated Rating: 3.81 (500+ Reviews)

DrChrono is a medical billing platform and EHR system utilizing iPad and iPhone apps to fully customize all patient care and revenue cycle management systems. Its award-winning FHIR API provides the flexibility app developers need to build additional solutions into their systems.


  • Customizable appointment profiles let office staff set up time blocks and billing codes ahead of time
  • Real-time eligibility checks prescreen patients for deductibles, co-pays, and pre-approvals before the appointment
  • Email and text appointment reminders automatically contact patients before appointments, saving staff time and preventing no-shows
  • Denial analysis reporting puts all details in one place for quick resolution of coding errors
  • Medical speech-to-text capability for dictating reports accurately
  • One-click lab integrations make ordering and receiving lab tests easy and placing them into patient charts with a simple mouse click

Best for?

Customizable for large and small providers who need maximum automation of all practice management functions and want flexible time-saving software for their front-end staff.

Practice Fusion

Aggregated Rating: 3.79 (473+ Reviews)

Practice Fusion was designed with input from 150,000 medical professionals in independent practice. The result is a cloud-based EHR featuring integrated charting, scheduling, CMS, and more. Users can access Practice Fusion on iPad and other touchscreen devices, and physicians can obtain patient information in real-time.


  • Automated eligibility checks save front-office staff time before check-in and appointments.
  • ICD-10 certification means no extra billing software to download or update.
  • Simplified “superbilling” system that integrates with EHR to provide patients with a transparent explanation of their bill
  • Paperless intake system that reduces office waste and clutter
  • Mobile task management keeps all your documents and reports in the cloud so you can access them no matter where you are
  • Electronic prescribing gives you and your patients the security of rapid medication refills

Best for?

Designed for independent practices that need the power of a large-provider practice management system without all the extra frills that a big practice needs. Customizable for specialty and boutique providers.


Aggregated Rating: 3.78 (147+ Reviews)

PatientNow is a comprehensive paperless office system offering automated task management software for front-end processes, such as appointments and scheduling, document management, billing, payments, and collections.


  • Shared calendar system that controls room booking, provider schedules, appointment types, and waitlist flow
  • Paperless document management puts all patient records into an electronic format for central cloud storage
  • Automated financial modules reduce errors and maximize returns by speeding up billing and payments
  • SEO optimization and multiple platform review access let you improve your online reputation and social media profile
  • Pharmacy and laboratory integration

Best for?

PatientNow was designed for aestheticians, health and wellness practitioners, plastic surgery, dermatology, HRT practices, and similar disciplines that have multiple independent practitioners under a single roof and need integrated scheduling and billing software to avoid errors and double-booking.


Aggregated Rating: 3.60 (485+ Reviews)

AdvancedMD is an integrated practice management and medical billing platform. It can be run as a standalone module or as part of a wider suite of medical software services. It offers three units for front office, billing, and reporting. The system can handle a multitude of front office duties.


  • One-click patient information brings all the relevant patient data to the screen
  • Real-time insurance eligibility verification means no time or revenue lost in a claim denial
  • Appointment reminders reduce no-shows and let staff back-fill cancellations
  • End-to-end claims management platform gives you verification, scrubbing, review, collections, and appeals on insurance claims
  • Self-service patient portal that lets your patients access their records and complete forms online
  • Telemedicine gives both staff and patients remote care at any time of day or night
  • Cloud hosting ensures 24/7 access to information

Best for?

Ideal for billing companies, mental health providers, laboratories, non-medical consultants, larger practice groups needing a full-range practice management system, and providers who need to improve their revenue stream.


Aggregated Rating: 3.50 (217+ Reviews)

Experity is an EMR, practice management, and medical billing system purpose-built for urgent care providers of all sizes and specialties, including occupational medicine, pediatrics, and hybrid primary care.


  • Multi-user access allows patient charts to be updated by several providers simultaneously
  • Built-in payer guidelines help to identify out-of-network issues
  • Real-time insurance verification allows for faster patient processing
  • Custom common procedure quick-pick lists speed up emergency check-ins and checkouts
  • One-click discharge plans save time during busy periods
  • Auto-populating documentation templates prevent errors by ensuring all documents contain the same information
  • Teleradiology lets remote board-certified radiologists view films in real-time
  • Urgent care coding keeps your office compliant with state and federal regulations

Best for?

Designed for urgent care, critical care, and emergency room providers who want to reduce documentation and office time and spend more time with patients. Beneficial for urgent care offices that need to improve workflow and revenue cycle management.


Aggregated Rating: 3.49 (115+ Reviews)

CareCloud is a cloud-based EHR solution that provides electronic medical records management, practice management, and medical billing services. Paperless workflow and patient tracking help keep office operations running smoothly.


  • CareCloud Charts, an MU-certified system for patient and practice management
  • Customizable templates for prescriptions, reporting, and billing
  • Breeze patient portal lets physicians interact with patients, book appointments, and review medical history on a single screen
  • CareCloud Live is a HIPAA-compliant telemedicine platform using real-time video and audio
  • Overnight batch checking lets staff check insurance deductibles, co-pays, and co-insurance for multiple patients, saving time and headaches
  • CollectiveIQ automates billing rules so errors and repeats are avoided, improving collections, and increasing revenue
  • Robust analytics provide real-time reports on financial, clinical, and staff productivity levels based on any KPIs you choose

Best for?

Customizable for specialization practices, large and small healthcare providers, and agencies that need to automate their billing and revenue collection practices for maximum return.


Aggregated Rating: 3.47 (785+ Reviews)

athenaHealth was ranked #1 in 2022 as Best in KLAS. They provide an internet- and cloud-based EHR and revenue cycle management system that gives patients the option of viewing their schedule online.


  • System-wide data exchange lets providers access patient information in multiple locations
  • Claim scrubbing, issue resolution, and claim submission and denial management help remove errors and improve revenue flow
  • Charge entry and coding at point-of-contact means that mistakes can be spotted immediately and corrected or avoided
  • Telehealth and video conferencing encourage patient involvement and keep patients returning
  • Automated patient text reminders for appointments and billing
  • Real-time insurance verification flags out-of-network issues and co-insurance payments

Best for?

Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC), labs and imaging, OB/GYN, and more than 100 other specialties use athenaHealth systems. It is ideal for startups and FQHCs that need rapid rules and code updating without having to perform constant data downloads and offices that need maximum automation.

GreenwayHealth PrimeSuite

Aggregated Rating: 3.46 (239+ Reviews)

Greenway Health's Medical Practice Management Software is a cloud-based and integrated PM, EHR, and billing solution that offers over 4,000 customizable templates to cover any clinical practice needs. Its centralized billing and real-time financial reporting ability give providers improved income streams with minimum cost output.


  • Image import for IDs and insurance cards puts patient information directly into their files
  • Multiple pharmacy lists for patients maximize efficiency
  • Medical coding and auditing services help improve claim capture and reduce errors
  • Outsourced coding option that reduces claim rejection and improves payments
  • Speech-to-text feature for dictation means records can be updated in real-time
  • Patient portal that allows patients to schedule and change appointments and pay bills online
  • Customizable templates give you greater flexibility for your practice documentation

Best for?

Greenway Health is intended for high-performing ambulatory healthcare providers who need to take the burden off their front-end staff and automate and outsource where possible.

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