Published: Jun 02, 2023
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TriZetto Provider Solutions Reviews: What Customers and Employees Think

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Rex H.
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Revenue cycle management is critical in any healthcare setting. Many clinics look to technology to improve operations and manage costs, and software like TriZetto is one option.

In short, TriZetto is a group of healthcare products that integrate finance and operations, customer care, and claims management. The goal is to simplify healthcare management and drive revenue.

However, not all software solutions work for your organization, so knowing the pros and cons is essential. One way to find out how TriZetto stands up to other options is through reviews from customers and employees.

What Is TriZetto and What Do They Do?

TriZetto Provider Solutions is a healthcare technology company with revenue cycle and claims management software and services. The company started in 1984 as Gateway EDI and was bought and sold several times.

In 2011, TriZetto Corporation acquired Gateway, followed by two claims and payment processing companies, NHXS & ClaimLogic, in 2012. In 2014, IT company Cognizant bought TriZetto Corporation to combine software into an additional line of products known as TriZetto Healthcare Products.

TriZetto’s products help simplify healthcare finance through billing automation, payment processing, and claims management. There is a wide selection of products and add-ons, all of which stack on three core administration software options known as:

  • QNXT
  • QicLink
  • Facets

Essentially, TriZetto has enough products to build a custom system for your organization. You start with one of these options as foundational software and add other products.

TriZetto works across many healthcare settings, including hospitals, physician practices, and health systems. With these tools, you can manage claims, authorizations, and denials from payers and process and collect patient payments.

TriZetto also offers revenue cycle management services, including billing and coding, and credentialing services. The company can help you manage accounts receivables and revenue collection and monitor profits, potentially eliminating the need for billing staff.

Credentialing services also help you get up and running with payers. TriZetto does all the tedious collection and submission work, manages compliance, and keeps all the necessary documents in order.

Does TriZetto Operate a Clearinghouse?

A clearinghouse is an entity, including a billing service and health information system, that processes or helps to process health information from one organization to another. TriZetto offers clearinghouse services to payers.

The software helps payers connect to providers and auto-settle claims. TriZetto claims its software gets submissions through 98.9% of the time on the first try. Clearinghouse services also help reduce the number of rejected claims, pending claims, and manual interventions for payers.

Real TriZetto Customer Reviews

One of the best ways to understand an organization and its products and services is to hear or read about customer experiences. Reviews are an easy way to gain insight into the potential pros and cons of a product and the service that comes with it. Here’s a look at real TriZetto Provider Solutions reviews from several sources.

TriZetto G2 Reviews

Customers give TriZetto QNXT an overall favorable rating on G2, with an average of 4.3 out of 5. They say the interface is modern, sleek, and user-friendly, and it integrates well with other software and workflow. It’s also easy to generate reports and process payments.

However, there are some drawbacks. According to comments, the software and services are expensive, and some products, like Facets, don’t manage all business functions. Customers also say the software is tough to configure, and customization is costly.

Overall, G2 reviews suggest TriZetto is an exceptional product. There are only 12 reviews on G2, though. The company processes billions of transactions, so these few reviews likely don’t reflect the entire customer base.

TriZetto’s BBB Ratings

TriZetto doesn’t fare as well in Better Business Bureau reviews. While the company has an A+ business rating, customers rate services and software as poor at 1 out of 5. Most complaints range from slow responses to customer requests to poor IT support and an unclear resolution process.

Customers say the biggest problem with poor customer service is a lack of tools and training to solve problems. While the BBB reviews aren't great, there is only a handful of them, which may not reflect the company’s overall performance. However, each of the six reviews rates TriZetto at 1 out of 5.

Best TriZetto User Reviews

According to customers, flexibility and functionality are the best features of TriZetto QNXT. It’s easy to process claims end-to-end, and it’s easy to navigate between functions.

Collecting payments is effortless and includes multiple options, like phone, online, and in-office payments. It also allows you to email or print and mail statements on outstanding accounts.

TriZetto customer reviews say the software has increased their efficiency, improved overall performance, and decreased time spent in collections. The simple payment options have also improved patient relationships.

Worst TriZetto Customer Reviews

The worst TriZetto reviews suggest customer service is a significant concern. One customer says they’ve used TriZetto for 25 years but preferred the original software and company. The transition to TriZetto and Cognizant came with a change in customer service that hasn’t sat well.

Service agents don’t seem to know how to fix problems and often set up components incorrectly. Customers also say it takes a long time and a lot of back and forth to get a resolution.

In another complaint, customers say the Facets software is challenging and doesn’t manage business functions without customization. On top of that, the customization process is expensive and time-consuming, which is frustrating to customers.

However, the TriZetto website marketing is clear that Facets needs custom configuration and testing before you go live.

TriZetto Employee Reviews

Happy employees are more productive, positive, and efficient, which leads to better customer experiences. Ideally, organizations promote a healthy workplace, but employee reviews can show you any specific issues.  

Workplace employee reviews give you a sense of the workplace culture and potential problems that might spill over to the customers. So what’s it like to work at TriZetto? Employees have some insights across several platforms.

TriZetto’s Reviews on Glassdoor

TriZetto employee reviews on Glassdoor show that only 43% of those who left a rating would recommend the workplace to a friend. Out of 588 total reviews, the company has an average rating of 3.4 out of 5, and 61% approve of the CEO.

According to some reviews, the team is friendly and feels a sense of contribution to meaningful work. But others feel TriZetto software is a bit of a dinosaur. Employees say the company doesn’t innovate quickly and has a haphazard launch process for what little is developed.

Poor management is also a particular issue. Employee reviews suggest leadership piles on a heavy workload but fails to provide the necessary guidance, planning, or structure.

Reviews of TriZetto on Indeed

The employee reviews and ratings on Indeed are similar to Glassdoor. Employees left 311 reviews and gave TriZetto an average rating of 3.3 out of 5. The praise and complaints are much the same.

Some staff say TriZetto is a good workplace and that the organization focuses on team culture and tries to please clients and employees. Others say leadership struggles to adopt new techniques or approaches, doesn’t have focus, and projects are chaotic and disorganized. The result is outdated software and staff frustration.

Ratings on CareerBliss

TriZetto ratings on CareerBliss are also similar to other reviews and ratings. Out of 20 employee reviews, TriZetto received an average rating of 3.5 out of 5. Employees echo earlier comments and suggest it’s a great place to work with a new office space and casual atmosphere.

Long-term employees say TriZetto fosters a great work environment and prioritizes individual performance and growth opportunities. They also say they would recommend TriZetto as a great workplace.

Others share complaints similar to those found on other review platforms. The most significant complaint is that staff feel there is an unsustainable workload. The comments suggest management has high demands, but there's a disconnect between management and employees.

Reviews on AmbitionBox

On AmbitionBox, TriZetto fares much the same as on other review platforms. Employees left 47 reviews with an average rating of 3.5 out of 5 and similar comments.

According to some reviews, TriZetto offers excellent learning opportunities and regularly provides training to enhance performance. Employees also suggest the work environment is healthy and the employees work together as a great team.

However, the chief complaints on AmbitionBox also imply the opposite. Employees say TriZetto has a good work environment and culture, but too much politics. Some even say the politics are such an issue that they wouldn’t recommend working at TriZetto long-term.

But these contradicting comments are also in the same review, so it’s difficult to get a clear picture of the environment. On the other hand, these comments seem to be in line with other reviews.

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