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Our team is passionate about solving the complex problems in healthcare and providing all members of our company an opportunity to make a lasting, meaningful impact through their work. We strive to foster a team environment which encourages rapid innovation, autonomy, taking risks, and having fun along the way.

Open Career Opportunities

Apply online directly through ZipRecruiter. A link to the application can be found within the job description.

MD Clarity is used by healthcare providers that impact hundreds of thousands of patient visits annually. This is an opportunity to be part of a product team that is scaling up to address a growing user-base and an increased focus on the healthcare consumer experience. Our team is passionate about solving the complex problems in Healthcare and providing all members of our company an opportunity to make a lasting, meaningful impact through their work. We strive to foster a team environment which encourages rapid innovation, autonomy, taking risks, and having fun along the way.

Key Responsibilities:
  • Continual analysis and quality control of customers platform to ensure the MD Clarity product is functioning correctly and meeting customer expectations
  • Create and implement plan for continuous monitoring of MD Clarity system performance to optimize processing time for client:
    • Responsible for processing data between client builds and MD Clarity (visits, accounts, batch eligibility, etc)
    • Troubleshoot issues that occur and search for patterns in order to identify potential processing gains to expedite processing routines
  • Become the resident expert on data connections between clients and MD Clarity systems
  • Develop and maintain relationships with IT contacts of MD Clarity Clients
  • Perform routine and comprehensive quality control procedures on MD Clarity client installations:
    • Develop standardized analyses to better understand client data quality and configuration; Responsible for ongoing management of analysis, reporting and proactive communication between internal and client teams
    • Proactive reviews and maintenance of customer configurations to help identify potential opportunities
    • Provide routine analysis on payor contract performance, identifying payment patterns inconsistent with MD Clarity calculations; Work in conjunction with customer success team to communicate outcomes to clients
    • Proactively analyze eligibility transaction errors to determine trends and communicate outcomes to MD Clarity vendors and internal development teams
    • Proactive management of MD Clarity internal error reports to improve data quality for our clients to optimize their systems
  • Analyze complex customer support issues to uncover trends and turn them into actionable insights for the product development pipeline
  • Facilitate proactive communication between Customer Success and Product Management teams
  • Maintain timely and professional follow-up on open issues, through both phone and email
  • Prioritize inquiries from key stakeholders and assist with project-specific tasks and reporting
  • Communicate regularly and effectively with key client stakeholders to ensure MD Clarity product performance meets expectations; Work in conjunction with Customer Success team to provide analysis to clients
  • Provide monthly reporting to internal stakeholders on product performance, trends, and gaps found


Skills & Knowledge
  • Technical product knowledge and expertise
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills with the ability to provide actionable suggestions to internal teams based on knowledge gained throughout support process
  • Ability to identify the root cause of a problem and provide an effective solution
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skill
  • Demonstrated ability to work both independently and as an integral member of a team
  • Intellectual curiosity and the ability to self-motivate
  • Rigorous attention to detail and commitment to quality control
  • Strong interpersonal skills including tact, diplomacy and ability to maintain composure under pressure
  • Flexibility to adapt to changing project requirements and timetables
  • Strong organizational skills and the ability to work on multiple, projects in diverse areas.


Education & Experience
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or any general Engineering field (e.g. Industrial Engineering)
  • Two years’ experience working as an analyst for a sales, product, or consulting team
  • Experience working with SQL and writing queries to generate reports, analyze patterns, etc.
  • Experience in the healthcare field, specifically working with healthcare clinical or financial data
  • Can exhibit an understanding of how data-driven systems work…we’ll ask a lot of questions here!
  • Experience with .NET framework or C# a bonus


We are looking for people that fit with these core traits of our team:
  • Always Look For Patterns: we get a lot of input from customers through several channels and it’s the patterns we recognize and act on that make a great product.
  • Sweat Every Detail: every little thing counts in terms of a lasting impression for the product, customer, and team experience and we strive to excel at the details
  • Reason From First Principles: always try break down problems into their smallest components, question prior assumptions, and think from the ground up before immediately trying to solve complex problems.
  • Team > Individual: celebrate each other’s accomplishments and always ask how you can help
  • Always Ask Why: Why do we do things this way? Why does the customer need this? Be curious, ask questions, explore possibilities
  • What can I do? What can I do to make the product better? To serve our customers better? To help improve our team? Suggest it! Chances are it’s a good idea.
Career Progression

Generally, there are a couple paths of progression from this role. Either into Product Management, Account Management, or Engineering. Depends on what you like and have a knack for as you learn and grow. Plenty of people in MD Clarity have carved out roles for themselves that evolved organically from new challenges that needed to be solved.

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