Verify insurance eligibility with ModMed using MD Clarity

Eligibility verification software that integrates with ModMed. Automate benefits checks with Medicare and private payers.

Verify insurance eligibility
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Verify insurance eligibility and provide accurate patient estimates in one place

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Identify Coverage Issues

Automatically detect insurance coverage issues and flag them for staff follow-up.

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Generate pre-service estimates

Create accurate estimates for patients that include deductibles, copays, and coinsurance.

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Payer Coverage Checks

Cross check multiple payers in real-time when a patient comes back with inactive coverage.

Insurance Eligibility Verification on ModMed FAQ

Does MD Clarity integrate with ModMed?

Yes, MD Clarity supports integration with ModMed.

Does ModMed offer its own functionality run eligibility checks for insurance?

ModMed offers automated pre-service eligibility checks as part of its practice management solution.

Get paid in full by bringing clarity to your revenue cycle

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