Denial code M82

Remark code M82 indicates a service isn't covered by insurance if the patient is under 50 years old.

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What is Denial Code M82

Remark code M82 indicates that the service billed is not covered by the payer because the patient's age is below the minimum required age limit of 50 years for this particular service. This means that the claim has been denied because the patient does not meet the age criteria established by the coverage guidelines for the service provided.

Common Causes of RARC M82

Common causes of code M82 are:

1. The healthcare service or procedure provided is not covered by the patient's insurance plan for individuals under the age of 50, possibly due to age-specific coverage policies.

2. Preventive services or screenings that are typically covered for patients over a certain age threshold were administered to a younger patient, for whom the insurance does not provide coverage.

3. A billing error where the service was incorrectly coded as one that is age-restricted, leading to the denial of coverage for an underaged patient.

4. The patient's insurance plan may have specific exclusions for certain services based on age, and the service rendered falls under one of these exclusions for patients under 50.

5. The provider may have failed to obtain the necessary pre-authorization for the service for a patient under the age of 50, as required by the patient's insurance policy.

6. There may have been a lack of medical necessity documentation to justify the service for someone under the age of 50, resulting in the application of code M82.

Ways to Mitigate Denial Code M82

Ways to mitigate code M82 include implementing a robust verification process to confirm patient eligibility and coverage details before services are rendered. Ensure that your scheduling and registration staff are trained to check the patient's age and compare it with the payer's coverage criteria. Utilize electronic eligibility verification tools that can flag age-related coverage restrictions. Additionally, maintain an updated database of payer policies to guide service provision, and incorporate automated alerts in your practice management system to notify providers when a service may not be covered due to age restrictions. Regularly audit billing and coding practices to ensure compliance with payer requirements and to identify any patterns that could lead to this denial code, allowing for proactive process improvements.

How to Address Denial Code M82

The steps to address code M82 involve verifying the patient's age and confirming the service date. If the patient is indeed under age 50 and the service is categorically not covered for this age group, explore alternative billing codes that accurately reflect the service provided and are appropriate for the patient's age. If the patient's age was incorrectly recorded, correct the patient's demographic information in the billing system and resubmit the claim with the accurate age. Additionally, review the patient's insurance policy to determine if there are any exceptions or additional coverage options, and if necessary, contact the insurer to discuss the possibility of an appeal or to gain clarification on covered services for different age groups. If the service is not covered due to age restrictions, inform the patient of their financial responsibility and discuss potential payment options or alternative treatments that may be covered.

CARCs Associated to RARC M82

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