Denial code M22

Remark code M22 indicates a claim issue due to missing, incomplete, or invalid mileage details.

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What is Denial Code M22

Remark code M22 indicates that there is an issue with the claim related to the transportation mileage. Specifically, it means that the number of miles traveled, which is required for the billing of certain transportation services, is either missing, incomplete, or has been deemed invalid. This information must be provided and accurate for the claim to be processed and reimbursed correctly.

Common Causes of RARC M22

Common causes of code M22 are errors or omissions in the documentation of the distance a patient has traveled, which is often required for reimbursement of transportation services. This can include:

1. Inaccurate recording of the starting point or destination, leading to incorrect mileage calculations.

2. Failure to provide the odometer readings or GPS reports that substantiate the miles claimed.

3. Data entry errors where the number of miles is incorrectly inputted into the billing system.

4. Lack of clarity in the patient's records regarding the necessity of the travel for medical treatment, which can lead to questioning the validity of the miles claimed.

5. Missing supporting documentation that is required to verify the distance traveled for the healthcare service.

6. Inconsistencies between the miles claimed and the standard distances recognized by payers for specific healthcare services or locations.

Ways to Mitigate Denial Code M22

Ways to mitigate code M22 include ensuring that the claim form includes the complete and accurate number of miles traveled when billing for services that require travel distance for reimbursement. Double-check that the mileage is entered in the appropriate field and that it aligns with the service provided. Implement a verification process to review and confirm the accuracy of the mileage information before claim submission. Additionally, use mileage tracking tools or software to accurately capture and record the distance traveled for each service encounter.

How to Address Denial Code M22

The steps to address code M22 involve verifying the patient's transportation details. First, review the original claim submission to ensure that the number of miles traveled was included and accurately documented. If the information was omitted or incorrect, update the claim with the correct number of miles based on the patient's transportation records or logs. Once the accurate mileage is determined and documented, resubmit the claim with the corrected information. It's also advisable to check if there are any specific documentation requirements for transportation services that may need to be included with the claim, such as a physician's order or a transportation log, to prevent future occurrences of this code.

CARCs Associated to RARC M22

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