Denial code N136

Remark code N136 indicates the need to contact Arizona's Consumer Assistance Office for appeal process information.

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What is Denial Code N136

Remark code N136 is an alert indicating that to acquire details on how to file an appeal in Arizona, the healthcare provider should contact the Department's Consumer Assistance Office at (602) 912-8444 or (800) 325-2548.

Common Causes of RARC N136

Common causes of code N136 are typically related to a lack of clarity or understanding regarding the appeals process for healthcare claims in the state of Arizona. Providers may encounter this code when they need to inform a patient about their rights and the specific steps to take if they wish to contest a claim decision. The code suggests that there may be confusion about the appeals procedure, or that the patient has not been adequately informed about how to proceed with an appeal. It may also indicate that the provider's billing office has not followed the correct protocol in advising the patient on their appeal rights as mandated by Arizona state regulations.

Ways to Mitigate Denial Code N136

Ways to mitigate code N136 include implementing a robust training program for your billing staff to ensure they understand the appeals process in Arizona. Regularly update your appeals procedures to reflect any changes in state regulations. Establish a direct line of communication with the Department's Consumer Assistance Office to quickly resolve any uncertainties regarding appeals. Additionally, maintain meticulous records of all claims and communications to streamline the appeals process if necessary.

How to Address Denial Code N136

The steps to address code N136 involve initiating a direct line of communication with the appropriate Consumer Assistance Office. Call the provided numbers to gather detailed information on the appeal process specific to Arizona. Prepare relevant claim details and documentation before making the call to ensure a productive conversation. Based on the guidance received, follow the outlined steps to file an appeal, ensuring that all required forms and evidence are accurately completed and submitted within the specified time frames. Keep a record of all communications and confirmations as part of the appeal process for future reference.

CARCs Associated to RARC N136

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