Denial code N19

Remark code N19 indicates that the billed service is considered incidental to the primary procedure performed.

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What is Denial Code N19

Remark code N19 indicates that the procedure code billed is considered incidental to the primary procedure. This means that the service provided is not separately payable as it is included in the reimbursement for the primary service performed. Healthcare providers should review the coding of their claims to ensure that each procedure is appropriately billed and to avoid denials for incidental services.

Common Causes of RARC N19

Common causes of code N19 are billing for a service or procedure that is considered an integral part of another service or procedure already performed, submitting separate claims for procedures that are typically bundled into one primary procedure, or incorrectly itemizing procedures that should be consolidated under a single comprehensive code.

Ways to Mitigate Denial Code N19

Ways to mitigate code N19 include ensuring that the billing team is well-versed in the National Correct Coding Initiative (NCCI) edits and guidelines. Regular training should be provided to keep staff updated on bundling rules and the proper use of modifier -59 or other relevant modifiers to differentiate between services that are distinct and not incidental. Before submitting claims, use software that checks for common bundling issues and flags services that may be considered incidental to the primary procedure. Additionally, perform periodic audits of billing practices to identify patterns that could lead to this code being applied and address them proactively. Collaboration between the clinical team and coders is essential to ensure that documentation clearly supports the medical necessity and independence of procedures billed.

How to Address Denial Code N19

The steps to address code N19 involve reviewing the claim to ensure that the procedure coded as incidental was indeed a secondary service to a primary procedure performed during the same patient encounter. If the coding is correct, no separate reimbursement may be available for the incidental procedure. However, if you believe the procedure was not incidental and should be billed separately, gather documentation that supports the medical necessity and independence of the procedures. This may include operative reports, physician notes, or other relevant medical records. Resubmit the claim with this supporting documentation and a clear explanation of why the procedure is not incidental. If the procedures are commonly bundled but were performed at separate and distinct times, ensure that the appropriate modifiers are used to indicate this. If the denial persists, consider reaching out to the payer for further clarification on their coding policies and to discuss the specifics of the case.

CARCs Associated to RARC N19

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