Denial code N220

Remark code N220 indicates a need to visit the payer's website or contact their Customer Service for forms and instructions to file a provider dispute.

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What is Denial Code N220

Remark code N220 is an alert indicating that the provider should refer to the payer's website or reach out to the payer's Customer Service department to obtain the necessary forms and instructions to file a dispute regarding the claim in question.

Common Causes of RARC N220

Common causes of code N220 are incomplete or incorrect claim submissions that require further clarification or documentation, misunderstanding of the payer's billing guidelines, or the need for additional information to process a payment or appeal. Providers may also encounter this code if there is a discrepancy between the services provided and the payer's records, necessitating a review of the claim or submission of a dispute.

Ways to Mitigate Denial Code N220

Ways to mitigate code N220 include establishing a proactive communication channel with the payer to ensure that all necessary forms and instructions for provider disputes are readily available. Implement a system to regularly check the payer's website for updates on dispute resolution processes. Train your billing staff on the specific requirements and timelines for filing disputes with the payer. Additionally, maintain organized records of all communications and submissions to the payer to streamline the dispute resolution process and prevent future occurrences of this code.

How to Address Denial Code N220

The steps to address code N220 involve initiating direct communication with the payer. Begin by visiting the payer's website to locate the necessary forms and detailed instructions for filing a provider dispute. If the information on the website is insufficient or unclear, proceed to contact the payer's Customer Service department directly. Ensure you have all relevant claim information on hand, including patient details, service dates, and any previous correspondence related to the claim. When speaking with Customer Service, request specific guidance on the dispute process and clarify any ambiguities related to the remark code. Document the conversation, including the representative's name, the date of contact, and any instructions or reference numbers provided. Follow through with the dispute submission according to the payer's guidelines, and keep a record of all communications and submissions for future reference.

CARCs Associated to RARC N220

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