Denial code N518

Remark code N518 is a notice that accessories provided with oxygen equipment are not paid for separately by insurers.

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What is Denial Code N518

Remark code N518 is an indication that there will not be a separate reimbursement for accessories provided for use with oxygen equipment, as their cost is considered included in the payment for the oxygen equipment itself.

Common Causes of RARC N518

Common causes of code N518 are incorrect billing for accessories that are meant to be used with oxygen equipment, misunderstanding of the billing guidelines that stipulate bundled payments for oxygen equipment and its accessories, and errors in coding that fail to recognize the inclusive nature of payment structures for oxygen-related supplies.

Ways to Mitigate Denial Code N518

Ways to mitigate code N518 include ensuring that billing for accessories is bundled correctly with the primary oxygen equipment. This involves a thorough review of the billing process to identify and correct any instances where accessories are billed separately. Training staff on the proper coding practices for oxygen equipment and its accessories can also help prevent this issue. Additionally, implementing a robust auditing system to catch and correct these errors before claims are submitted will further reduce the likelihood of receiving code N518. Regularly updating billing procedures to align with the latest coding standards and payer requirements is crucial for ongoing compliance.

How to Address Denial Code N518

The steps to address code N518 involve a thorough review of the billing documentation to ensure that the accessories in question were indeed billed correctly in conjunction with oxygen equipment. If the accessories were essential and integral to the operation of the oxygen equipment, reevaluate the coding to ensure that it accurately reflects this necessity, potentially using bundled codes that include the equipment and accessories as a single charge. If the accessories were billed separately by mistake, consolidate the charges under the appropriate bundled code that includes the oxygen equipment. In cases where the accessories are legitimately separate and additional to the oxygen equipment, prepare a detailed justification highlighting their medical necessity and submit an appeal. This justification should include documentation such as physician orders, patient records indicating the necessity of the accessories for the effective use of the oxygen equipment, and any relevant clinical guidelines or literature supporting their use. Additionally, review payer contracts and coverage determinations to ensure compliance with their specific billing requirements for oxygen equipment and accessories.

CARCs Associated to RARC N518

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