Denial code N52

Remark code N52 indicates a claim denial because the patient wasn't in the provider's managed care plan on the service date.

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What is Denial Code N52

Remark code N52 indicates that the claim has been processed with the understanding that the patient was not enrolled in the billing provider's managed care plan on the date the service was provided. This suggests that the healthcare provider may not be reimbursed by the managed care plan for the services rendered due to the patient's enrollment status at that time.

Common Causes of RARC N52

Common causes of code N52 are:

1. The patient's insurance plan was not active or they were not enrolled in the specific managed care plan at the time the healthcare services were provided.

2. Incorrect patient insurance information was submitted on the claim, such as a wrong plan identifier or member number.

3. The patient may have recently switched insurance carriers or plans, and the new information was not updated in the provider's billing system.

4. The provider's office may have failed to verify the patient's eligibility and enrollment status prior to rendering services.

5. There may have been a clerical or administrative error when entering the patient's insurance information, leading to a mismatch with the insurer's records.

6. The claim was submitted for a date of service outside of the coverage period indicated by the patient's managed care plan.

7. The patient's enrollment with the managed care plan was terminated or suspended due to non-payment of premiums or other reasons before the date of service.

Ways to Mitigate Denial Code N52

Ways to mitigate code N52 include ensuring that eligibility and benefits verification processes are thorough and conducted prior to the delivery of services. Implement a system to check the patient's current enrollment status with the managed care plan at every visit. Train staff to understand the importance of verifying managed care plan details and to recognize any changes in a patient's coverage. Utilize real-time eligibility verification tools that can provide instant updates on a patient's insurance status. Establish clear communication channels with managed care organizations to quickly resolve any discrepancies in enrollment information. Regularly review and update the provider's managed care plan participation records to ensure they accurately reflect current enrollments.

How to Address Denial Code N52

The steps to address code N52 involve verifying the patient's eligibility and enrollment status for the date of service in question. Begin by reviewing the patient's insurance information and confirm the managed care plan details. If the patient was indeed not enrolled on the date of service, reach out to the patient to obtain updated or alternative insurance information. If the patient was enrolled, collect the necessary proof of enrollment, such as an insurance card or eligibility confirmation from the payer, and resubmit the claim with the correct information. In cases where the patient's enrollment status is disputed, contact the insurance payer directly to clarify and rectify any discrepancies. Ensure that all communications and corrections are documented in the patient's account for future reference. If the patient was enrolled in a different plan, submit the claim to the correct plan with the appropriate billing information. If no other coverage exists, inform the patient of their financial responsibility for the services rendered.

CARCs Associated to RARC N52

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