Denial code N557

Remark code N557 indicates a claim/service is not payable due to being outside the service area. It must be filed to the correct Payer/Plan.

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What is Denial Code N557

Remark code N557 is an indication that the claim or service submitted is not eligible for payment because it falls outside the geographical coverage area of the payer or insurance plan. To proceed, the claim must be submitted to the appropriate payer or insurance plan that covers the area where the specimen was collected.

Common Causes of RARC N557

Common causes of code N557 are:

1. The healthcare provider submitted a claim to the wrong insurance payer, one that does not cover services in the area where the patient received their care.

2. The specimen for the service was collected outside of the payer's designated service area, and the claim was not redirected to the appropriate payer that covers that geographical location.

3. Incorrect patient information was provided on the claim, leading the payer to believe the service was performed outside of their service area.

4. The healthcare provider's billing system may have automatically routed the claim to the wrong insurance payer due to outdated or incorrect payer information.

5. There may have been a misunderstanding or lack of knowledge about the specific service areas covered by the patient's insurance plan, resulting in the claim being filed incorrectly.

Ways to Mitigate Denial Code N557

Ways to mitigate code N557 include ensuring that the patient's current address and the location where services were provided are accurately documented and match the payer's service area requirements. Before submitting claims, verify the patient's eligibility and coverage details, including the appropriate service areas for the specific plan. Utilize payer-specific portals or contact payer representatives directly to confirm service area boundaries and any exceptions. Implement a system to flag claims that may fall outside of the expected service area based on the patient's information and the location of service provision, allowing for preemptive corrections or payer consultations. Regularly train staff on the importance of capturing precise location data during patient intake and the potential impact of service area restrictions on claim payment.

How to Address Denial Code N557

The steps to address code N557 involve a multi-step verification and submission process. Initially, review the patient's insurance information to confirm the service area coverage. If the service was indeed provided outside the payer's service area, identify the correct payer or plan based on the location where the specimen was collected. This may require contacting the patient for additional information or consulting a database of payer service areas. Once the appropriate payer or plan is identified, refile the claim with the correct billing information, ensuring that the claim submission meets the new payer's guidelines and deadlines. Document the steps taken to correct the issue in the patient's account to avoid future discrepancies and to expedite any similar issues that may arise.

CARCs Associated to RARC N557

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