Denial code N798

Remark code N798 is a notification to void the original claim and submit a new one for accurate processing.

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What is Denial Code N798

Remark code N798 is an instruction indicating that the provider should cancel the original claim by submitting a void request and then proceed to submit a new claim for the same service or item.

Common Causes of RARC N798

Common causes of code N798 are errors or omissions in the original claim submission that cannot be corrected through a standard claim adjustment process. This may include incorrect patient information, billing for services not rendered, or errors in service codes or dates. Additionally, this code may be used when there is a need to change the provider information or when the original claim was submitted to the wrong payer. To resolve these issues, the original claim must be voided, and a new, corrected claim must be submitted for processing.

Ways to Mitigate Denial Code N798

Ways to mitigate code N798 include ensuring that the original claim submission is thoroughly reviewed for accuracy in patient information, diagnosis codes, procedure codes, and billing details before submission. Implement a double-check system where a second set of eyes reviews the claim for common errors or discrepancies. Utilize claim scrubbing software that can identify and flag potential issues before the claim is submitted to the payer. In cases where errors are identified post-submission but before payer processing, proactively contact the payer to inquire about the possibility of correcting the claim information over the phone or through their electronic system, if this option is available and permitted, to avoid the need for a void request and resubmission. Regularly train staff on the latest billing and coding updates and common reasons for claim rejections to prevent similar issues in the future.

How to Address Denial Code N798

The steps to address code N798 involve initiating a void request for the original claim that was submitted. This process typically requires gathering all relevant details of the original claim, including patient information, service dates, and the specific services billed. Once the void request is successfully processed, the next step is to prepare and submit a new claim. This new claim should correct any errors or omissions that were present in the original submission. It's crucial to ensure that all information on the new claim is accurate and complete to avoid further issues. Additionally, double-checking the claim against current billing guidelines and requirements before submission can help prevent the recurrence of similar issues.

CARCs Associated to RARC N798

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