Denial code N855

Remark code N855 indicates coverage falls under ERISA (1974) jurisdiction, impacting claims and benefits management for providers.

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What is Denial Code N855

Remark code N855 indicates that the coverage in question falls exclusively under the jurisdiction of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) of 1974, as outlined in the United States Code, Section 1001.

Common Causes of RARC N855

Common causes of code N855 are incorrect or incomplete information provided about the patient's coverage under an employer-sponsored plan, failure to verify if the plan is indeed an ERISA plan, or misinterpretation of the plan's terms and conditions regarding its exclusivity under ERISA jurisdiction. Additionally, this code may arise from errors in the billing process where the healthcare provider did not properly identify or communicate the nature of the coverage to the payer, or if there was a misunderstanding regarding the applicability of state vs. federal regulations on the patient's plan.

Ways to Mitigate Denial Code N855

Ways to mitigate code N855 include implementing a thorough verification process for each patient's insurance coverage before rendering services. This involves directly contacting the insurance provider to confirm the specifics of the patient's plan, including any jurisdictional clauses related to ERISA. Additionally, training staff to understand the implications of ERISA on coverage can help in identifying potential issues early on. It's also beneficial to establish a protocol for regularly updating patient insurance information to catch any changes in coverage that might affect jurisdiction. Engaging with a legal advisor or a consultant who specializes in ERISA can provide insights on how to navigate these cases and avoid claim denials related to jurisdictional issues. Lastly, developing a clear communication strategy with patients about the potential impact of ERISA on their coverage and what information they need to provide can help in preventing misunderstandings and delays in coverage verification.

How to Address Denial Code N855

The steps to address code N855 involve a multi-faceted approach focusing on understanding the implications of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) on the claim. Initially, ensure that the claim has been filed correctly according to the guidelines specific to ERISA plans. This may involve verifying the patient's coverage details, including the plan's pre-authorization requirements and benefits structure.

Next, conduct a thorough review of the patient's plan document and the summary plan description. This is crucial for identifying any plan-specific provisions or exclusions that could impact the claim. If discrepancies or ambiguities regarding coverage are identified, prepare and submit a detailed written appeal. This appeal should include a clear explanation of why the service should be covered, supported by relevant medical records, a detailed account of the service provided, and any applicable clinical guidelines or evidence-based practices that justify the necessity of the service.

Additionally, consider reaching out directly to the plan administrator for clarification on the ERISA plan's coverage decision. This conversation can provide valuable insights into the specific reasons behind the coverage determination and any additional steps that can be taken to address the issue.

If the claim continues to be denied, and it is believed that the denial is in violation of ERISA regulations, consulting with a legal expert who specializes in ERISA cases may be necessary. They can offer guidance on the feasibility of pursuing legal action to resolve the claim issue.

Throughout this process, maintain meticulous records of all communications, submissions, and responses related to the claim. This documentation will be invaluable for tracking the progress of your efforts to address code N855 and may be critical in the event of a legal challenge.

CARCs Associated to RARC N855

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