Denial code N872

Remark code N872 indicates the final payment was adjusted based on state law, aligning with the No Surprises Act requirements.

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What is Denial Code N872

Remark code N872 indicates: Alert: This final payment was calculated based on a specified state law, in accordance with the No Surprises Act.

Common Causes of RARC N872

Common causes of code N872 are incorrect provider billing practices that do not align with the specific state laws referenced by the No Surprises Act, misinterpretation of the applicable state laws during the billing process, or failure to update billing systems and procedures to comply with the latest regulations and guidelines as mandated by the No Surprises Act. Additionally, this code may be triggered by discrepancies in the documentation provided to support the charges billed, leading to adjustments based on state-specific legal requirements.

Ways to Mitigate Denial Code N872

Ways to mitigate code N872 include implementing a comprehensive review system for state-specific billing regulations and the No Surprises Act requirements. Ensure that your billing team is well-versed in these laws and conducts regular training sessions to stay updated on any changes. Utilize advanced billing software that can be customized to flag potential violations before claims are submitted. Establish a robust audit process to review claims compliance with state laws and the No Surprises Act, focusing on identifying and correcting any discrepancies proactively. Engage in open communication with payers to clarify any ambiguities in state laws or the Act's provisions that could impact payment calculations. Additionally, develop a system for quickly addressing and rectifying any issues identified by code N872 alerts to minimize financial disruptions.

How to Address Denial Code N872

The steps to address code N872 involve a multi-faceted approach to ensure compliance and accurate billing. First, review the patient's insurance plan details and the state law referenced to understand the specific requirements and limitations that influenced the final payment calculation. Next, audit the billing and coding process for the claim in question to verify that all services were coded accurately and that the claim reflects the correct application of the No Surprises Act provisions. If discrepancies or errors are found, prepare and submit a corrected claim with detailed documentation supporting the adjustments. Additionally, update your billing practices and staff training to incorporate the specific state law considerations for future claims to prevent recurrence of this issue. Engage with the payer to discuss the payment calculation if there are still questions or concerns after your internal review, providing evidence to support your case for a different payment outcome if applicable. Lastly, document all steps taken to address code N872 for compliance purposes and to inform continuous improvement in your billing processes.

CARCs Associated to RARC N872

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