Denial code MA107

Remark code MA107 indicates a paper claim was rejected due to over three data items in field 19, requiring correction.

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What is Denial Code MA107

Remark code MA107 indicates that the paper claim submitted has exceeded the allowable limit by including more than three separate data items in field 19, which is typically reserved for additional information not captured elsewhere on the claim form. This may require the provider to review and resubmit the claim with the appropriate number of data items in this field to ensure proper processing.

Common Causes of RARC MA107

Common causes of code MA107 are:

  1. Incorrectly formatted claim submissions where field 19 is populated with multiple pieces of information that should be separated into different fields or sections of the claim form.
  2. Inclusion of non-essential or extraneous data in field 19 that exceeds the allowable limit of three distinct items, leading to an overflow of information.
  3. Misinterpretation of what constitutes a 'separate data item,' resulting in the entry of more than three distinct pieces of information when combining related data could reduce the count.
  4. Data entry errors where information intended for other fields is mistakenly entered into field 19, causing an excess of data items.
  5. Lack of awareness or misunderstanding of the payer's specific instructions regarding the type of information that should be included in field 19, leading to the inclusion of unnecessary details.
  6. Systematic issues with electronic health record (EHR) or practice management software that may auto-populate field 19 with more information than required without the provider's knowledge.
  7. Failure to adhere to the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC) instructions for the CMS-1500 claim form, which stipulate the proper use of field 19 for additional information deemed necessary by the provider.

Ways to Mitigate Denial Code MA107

Ways to mitigate code MA107 include streamlining the information entered in field 19 by limiting it to the three most essential data items required for the claim. Ensure that all additional information that exceeds the three-item limit is provided in the appropriate fields or attachments. Regularly train billing staff on the proper formatting and content requirements for paper claims to prevent overcrowding of data in any single field. Utilize claim review software or checklists to catch errors before submission, and consider transitioning to electronic claims submission, which often has built-in validations to prevent such errors.

How to Address Denial Code MA107

The steps to address code MA107 involve reviewing the paper claim form to ensure that field 19 contains no more than three separate data items. If there are more than three, reorganize the information to comply with the limit. This may require consolidating data points or using additional claim forms to separate the information appropriately. Once the corrections are made, resubmit the claim for processing. It's also advisable to check if electronic claim submission is an option, as it may help prevent similar issues in the future.

CARCs Associated to RARC MA107

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