Denial code MA133

Remark code MA133 indicates a claim conflict with an inpatient stay; services billed should exclude those provided during that stay.

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What is Denial Code MA133

Remark code MA133 indicates that the claim submitted includes services that coincide with an inpatient hospital stay. The payer is instructing the provider to revise the claim and resubmit it with only the services that were provided outside of the inpatient admission period.

Common Causes of RARC MA133

Common causes of code MA133 are:

1. Billing for outpatient services that were actually provided during an inpatient stay, which should be included in the inpatient claim.

2. Incorrect dates of service entered on the claim form, leading to an overlap with the dates of an inpatient admission.

3. Failure to update the patient's status in the billing system from outpatient to inpatient, resulting in the outpatient services being billed erroneously.

4. Lack of communication between the billing department and the clinical staff, causing a misunderstanding about when services were rendered.

5. Inaccurate discharge information, where the patient was discharged from inpatient care but the system was not updated, leading to subsequent services being flagged as overlapping.

6. System errors that incorrectly assign outpatient service dates within the inpatient period due to incorrect data entry or processing glitches.

Ways to Mitigate Denial Code MA133

Ways to mitigate code MA133 include implementing a robust verification system that checks patient admission and discharge dates against service dates on claims. Ensure that your billing software or clearinghouse can flag potential overlaps before submission. Train staff to review inpatient stays and outpatient services for any discrepancies and establish a protocol for cross-referencing inpatient records with outpatient claims. Regularly audit billing practices to catch and correct any patterns that may lead to this code being triggered. Additionally, maintain clear communication with clinical staff to accurately document the timing of services rendered in relation to inpatient stays.

How to Address Denial Code MA133

The steps to address code MA133 involve a thorough review of the claim dates in relation to the patient's inpatient stay. First, verify the dates of service on the claim against the patient's admission and discharge dates from the inpatient facility. If services were indeed rendered during the inpatient stay, remove those services from the claim.

Next, ensure that the remaining services on the claim were provided outside of the inpatient stay period. Rebill the claim with only the services that were performed outside of the inpatient stay, ensuring that the dates of service reflect this accurately. It may also be necessary to include documentation or notes that specify the services were outpatient to avoid further confusion or denials.

Lastly, double-check that all coding is correct for the outpatient services before resubmitting the claim to the payer.

CARCs Associated to RARC MA133

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