Denial code MA84

Remark code MA84 indicates a discrepancy with patient participation in the National Emphysema Treatment Trial; verification required with Johns Hopkins University.

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What is Denial Code MA84

Remark code MA84 indicates that the patient has been identified as a participant in the National Emphysema Treatment Trial, but the payer's records do not confirm this status. The provider is advised to contact Johns Hopkins University, the coordinator of the study, to verify the patient's participation and approval status in the trial to resolve any discrepancies.

Common Causes of RARC MA84

Common causes of code MA84 are:

  1. Miscommunication between the healthcare provider and the study coordinator regarding the patient's enrollment status in the National Emphysema Treatment Trial.
  2. Administrative errors in the patient's records, leading to incorrect information about their participation in the trial.
  3. The patient may have been mistakenly identified as a participant in the trial due to similar patient identifiers or data entry errors.
  4. The patient's approval for the current phase of the study may still be pending, and the necessary documentation has not been updated or communicated to the healthcare provider.
  5. The healthcare provider may have outdated information regarding the patient's eligibility or status within the study.
  6. There could be a discrepancy in the study's records at Johns Hopkins University, requiring clarification and coordination to ensure accurate billing and record-keeping.

Ways to Mitigate Denial Code MA84

Ways to mitigate code MA84 include ensuring that the patient's participation status in the National Emphysema Treatment Trial is current and verified before submitting claims. Regular communication with Johns Hopkins University, the study coordinator, is essential to confirm the patient's eligibility and approval for the specific phase of the study. It's also important to maintain accurate and up-to-date records of all patients involved in clinical trials to prevent discrepancies. Implementing a system to track the trial participation status of patients can help streamline this process. Additionally, staff training on the requirements and protocols of clinical trials can reduce the likelihood of such errors.

How to Address Denial Code MA84

The steps to address code MA84 involve verifying the patient's participation status in the National Emphysema Treatment Trial. First, contact the patient to confirm their enrollment and gather any relevant documentation they may have that proves their participation. Next, reach out to Johns Hopkins University, the study coordinator, to cross-check the patient's status against their records. If there is a discrepancy, request the necessary documentation or approval from Johns Hopkins University to update your records. Once you have the correct information, resubmit the claim with the appropriate documentation attached to demonstrate the patient's eligibility for the trial. If the patient is not a participant, update the claim to reflect the accurate patient status and proceed with the billing process accordingly.

CARCs Associated to RARC MA84

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