Denial code N110

Remark code N110 indicates a claim denial because the facility lacks certification for film mammography services.

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What is Denial Code N110

Remark code N110 indicates that the claim has been processed with the understanding that the facility where the service was provided is not certified to perform film mammography. This could impact reimbursement if certification is a requirement for payment. Providers should ensure that they have the necessary certifications for the services they offer to avoid claim denials or payment issues related to certification status.

Common Causes of RARC N110

Common causes of code N110 are:

1. The healthcare facility has not completed the necessary certification process for film mammography with the appropriate regulatory body.

2. The facility's certification for film mammography has expired and has not been renewed.

3. There may have been an administrative error in the claim submission where the facility was incorrectly identified as providing film mammography services.

4. The facility may have recently changed its services and no longer offers film mammography, but this information has not been updated in the payer's system.

5. The claim was submitted for a film mammography procedure, but the facility is only certified for digital mammography, leading to a mismatch in services reported.

6. The payer's records may be outdated or incorrect, failing to reflect the facility's current certification status for film mammography.

Ways to Mitigate Denial Code N110

Ways to mitigate code N110 include ensuring that your facility obtains the necessary certification for film mammography. Regularly review and update your facility's accreditations to meet the current standards set by the appropriate regulatory bodies. Additionally, implement a verification process before scheduling mammography appointments to confirm that your facility's certification status aligns with the services being provided. Training staff to recognize and address certification-related issues promptly can also help prevent this code from occurring.

How to Address Denial Code N110

The steps to address code N110 involve verifying the certification status of the facility for film mammography. If the facility is indeed certified, gather the necessary documentation that proves certification and resubmit the claim with this evidence attached. If the facility is not certified, refer the patient to a certified provider and adjust the claim submission process to prevent future occurrences of this code. Additionally, consider updating the facility's services in your billing system to reflect the current certifications to avoid this issue on subsequent claims.

CARCs Associated to RARC N110

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