Denial code N157

Remark code N157 indicates that transportation to or from the specified destination is not covered by the insurance plan.

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What is Denial Code N157

Remark code N157 indicates that transportation services to or from the specified destination are not included in the patient's benefits and therefore are not eligible for reimbursement under their current healthcare plan.

Common Causes of RARC N157

Common causes of code N157 are:

1. The transportation service provided is not included in the patient's insurance benefits.

2. The destination where the patient was transported to or from is not covered under the patient's current insurance plan.

3. The mode of transportation used is not considered a covered benefit by the insurance policy.

4. The claim was not properly documented to justify medical necessity for the transportation services.

5. The transportation was for a non-emergency situation where the insurance policy only covers emergency transportation.

6. The service was provided outside of the geographic coverage area specified by the insurance plan.

7. Prior authorization for the transportation service was required but not obtained.

8. The claim was submitted with incorrect or incomplete information regarding the transportation service.

9. The patient's policy has lapsed or there are exclusions in the policy that apply to transportation services.

Ways to Mitigate Denial Code N157

Ways to mitigate code N157 include ensuring that the transportation services provided are within the scope of the patient's insurance coverage. Before scheduling transportation, verify the patient's benefits and coverage limitations for transportation services. Educate staff on the types of transportation that are covered and under what circumstances, and implement a pre-authorization process for non-emergency transportation services to ensure coverage eligibility prior to the service being rendered. Additionally, maintain clear and accurate documentation of the medical necessity for transportation to support claims and facilitate appeals if necessary.

How to Address Denial Code N157

The steps to address code N157 involve reviewing the patient's transportation services documentation to ensure that the destination is correctly recorded and falls within the covered locations as per the payer's guidelines. If the destination is correct, check the patient's benefit plan to confirm coverage for transportation services. If the destination is covered, but the claim was still denied, gather all relevant documentation and submit an appeal to the payer with a detailed explanation and evidence supporting the necessity of the transportation service. If the destination is not covered, inform the patient of the denial and discuss alternative transportation options that may be covered under their plan or other potential funding sources for non-covered services. Additionally, consider updating your billing practices to prevent future denials for non-covered transportation destinations.

CARCs Associated to RARC N157

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