Denial code N176

Remark code N176 indicates coverage for services on a US-registered ship is limited to when it's in US waters and provided by a US-licensed doctor.

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What is Denial Code N176

Remark code N176 indicates that the claim submitted for services provided aboard a ship has been reviewed, and coverage is only applicable if the ship is registered in the United States and the services were rendered while the ship was in United States waters. Furthermore, the healthcare provider administering the services must be a doctor licensed to practice in the United States for the claim to be considered for payment.

Common Causes of RARC N176

Common causes of code N176 are:

1. The healthcare services were provided on a ship that is not registered in the United States.

2. The ship was outside of United States waters when the healthcare services were rendered.

3. The provider of the services was not licensed to practice in the United States at the time of service.

Ways to Mitigate Denial Code N176

Ways to mitigate code N176 include ensuring that healthcare services provided aboard a ship are scheduled and performed when the ship is registered in the United States and is physically located within United States waters. It is also crucial to verify that the healthcare professional delivering the service is licensed to practice in the United States. Prior to rendering services, confirm the ship's registry status and location, and validate the healthcare provider's licensure with the appropriate U.S. medical board. Implementing a protocol to check these details before service delivery can help prevent this remark code from appearing on claims.

How to Address Denial Code N176

The steps to address code N176 involve verifying the location and registration of the ship where services were provided, as well as the licensure of the healthcare provider. If the services were indeed provided on a U.S.-registered ship within U.S. waters by a U.S.-licensed doctor, gather the appropriate documentation to support these facts. This may include the ship's registration details, location coordinates at the time of service, and the healthcare provider's license information. Once collected, submit this evidence along with a corrected claim or an appeal to the insurance company, clearly indicating that the services met the coverage criteria specified by the code. If the services did not meet these criteria, inform the patient or responsible party of the denial and discuss alternative payment arrangements.

CARCs Associated to RARC N176

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