Denial code N200

Remark code N200 indicates that the professional part of a service must be billed separately for accurate payment.

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What is Denial Code N200

Remark code N200 indicates that the billing for services rendered must differentiate between the professional and technical components. The professional component, which represents the portion of the service provided by the physician or qualified healthcare professional, should be billed separately from the technical component, which covers the use of equipment, facilities, and non-professional staff. This separation ensures accurate reimbursement and adherence to payer-specific billing requirements.

Common Causes of RARC N200

Common causes of code N200 are:

1. The billing of global service codes when only the professional component was provided.

2. Incorrect use of modifier -26, which indicates that only the professional component of a service was performed.

3. Failure to separate the technical and professional components on the claim form for services that were not performed in their entirety.

4. Misinterpretation of payer rules regarding the billing of professional and technical components as a single entity.

5. Overlooking payer-specific guidelines that require the professional component to be billed separately for certain procedures or in specific settings.

6. Inadvertent inclusion of the professional component in a claim for facility fees or technical services.

7. Automated billing system errors that do not correctly differentiate or append the necessary modifiers for the professional component.

8. Lack of understanding of the Correct Coding Initiative (CCI) edits that may affect the billing of professional components.

9. Data entry errors that result in the professional component being bundled incorrectly with other services.

Ways to Mitigate Denial Code N200

Ways to mitigate code N200 include ensuring that billing staff are trained to recognize when procedures have both a professional and technical component. They should use the appropriate modifiers to indicate when only the professional component is being billed. Regular audits of billing practices can help identify and correct any instances where components are not being billed separately as required. Implementing a robust charge capture system that automatically flags services that typically require separate billing for professional and technical components can also help prevent this issue. Additionally, maintaining clear communication with clinical staff can ensure that the documentation accurately reflects the services provided, allowing for proper coding and billing.

How to Address Denial Code N200

The steps to address code N200 involve reviewing the claim to ensure that the professional component of the service has been billed separately from the facility or technical component. If the components were billed together, the claim should be corrected by separating the charges and resubmitting the professional component with the appropriate modifiers and revenue codes. Ensure that the billing staff is educated on the correct use of modifiers that distinguish between the professional and technical components for future claims. Additionally, it may be necessary to review the payer's guidelines to confirm the specific billing requirements for the services provided. If the claim was submitted correctly and the code still appears, reach out to the payer for clarification and provide any necessary documentation to support the separate billing of the professional component.

CARCs Associated to RARC N200

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