Denial code N212

Remark code N212 indicates charges were processed under a Point of Service benefit plan.

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What is Denial Code N212

Remark code N212 indicates that the charges have been processed under a Point of Service (POS) benefit. This means that the payment or denial of the charges is based on the plan's POS rules, which typically require the patient to receive services from a designated provider or within a specific network to receive a higher level of benefits.

Common Causes of RARC N212

Common causes of code N212 are:

1. The healthcare provider billed for services under a Point of Service (POS) plan, and the patient has a POS benefit structure in their insurance policy.

2. The services rendered were processed according to the POS rules, which may include higher out-of-pocket costs or different coverage levels for the patient.

3. The claim was submitted with a POS place of service code, triggering the remark code to indicate the processing guidelines for that type of benefit.

4. There may have been a misunderstanding or miscommunication about the patient's insurance plan type, leading to the services being billed under POS benefits inappropriately.

5. The insurance company has identified the services as falling under the POS coverage due to the nature of the services or the provider's network status.

Ways to Mitigate Denial Code N212

Ways to mitigate code N212 include ensuring that the correct insurance plan type is selected when submitting claims. Verify the patient's eligibility and benefits before services are rendered to confirm if a Point of Service (POS) plan applies. Educate staff on the differences between insurance plan types and the implications for billing. Additionally, implement a robust verification process to double-check the plan details with the payer before claims submission. If a POS plan is in place, make sure that the services provided align with the plan's coverage criteria and that any required referrals or pre-authorizations are obtained in advance. Regularly review and update the practice's billing procedures to reflect the latest insurance requirements and train staff accordingly to prevent this code from recurring.

How to Address Denial Code N212

The steps to address code N212 involve reviewing the patient's insurance plan details to ensure that the services billed were correctly identified as Point of Service (POS) transactions. If the services were incorrectly processed under POS benefits, you should correct the billing information and resubmit the claim with the appropriate service location codes. If the billing was accurate, you may need to inform the patient of their responsibility for the charges based on their POS plan benefits and adjust the patient's account to reflect any patient due amount. Additionally, verify if prior authorization was required for the services rendered and if all necessary referrals were in place. If there was an oversight, obtain the necessary authorizations and resubmit the claim. Ensure that all future claims for this patient are submitted with the correct POS information to prevent recurring issues with code N212.

CARCs Associated to RARC N212

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