Denial code N27

Remark code N27 indicates an issue with the claim due to a missing, incomplete, or invalid treatment number.

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What is Denial Code N27

Remark code N27 indicates that the claim has been flagged because there is an issue with the treatment number provided. Specifically, the treatment number may be missing, incomplete, or invalid, which needs to be addressed for the claim to be processed correctly.

Common Causes of RARC N27

Common causes of code N27 are failure to include the treatment number on the claim form, submission of a treatment number that does not match the insurer's records, or entry of a treatment number that is incomplete or incorrectly formatted according to the payer's specifications.

Ways to Mitigate Denial Code N27

Ways to mitigate code N27 include implementing a robust verification process to ensure that all claims submitted include the correct treatment number. This can be achieved by:

1. Training staff thoroughly on the importance of capturing accurate treatment numbers during the patient intake and billing process.

2. Utilizing electronic health record (EHR) systems that prompt for mandatory fields, such as treatment numbers, before allowing the user to move forward with documentation or claim submission.

3. Conducting regular audits of claims to identify patterns or common errors related to treatment numbers, and using this data to improve processes and training.

4. Establishing a double-check system where a second set of eyes reviews claims for missing or incorrect information, including treatment numbers, before submission.

5. Keeping up-to-date with payer-specific requirements regarding treatment numbers to ensure compliance with their guidelines.

6. Integrating claim scrubbing software that automatically checks for missing or invalid treatment numbers and flags these issues before claims are submitted to the payer.

7. Creating a standardized protocol for managing and documenting treatment numbers within the practice to minimize the risk of errors.

8. Encouraging open communication between clinical and billing staff to ensure any discrepancies with treatment numbers are quickly identified and resolved.

How to Address Denial Code N27

The steps to address code N27 involve a thorough review of the patient's documentation to ensure that the treatment number is present, complete, and accurate. Begin by cross-referencing the treatment number with the patient's medical records and the original order or prescription. If the treatment number is missing, obtain it from the healthcare provider who administered or prescribed the treatment. If the number is incomplete or incorrect, correct it in the billing system and on the claim form. Once the treatment number has been verified or corrected, resubmit the claim to the payer. Additionally, implement a process to check for the presence and accuracy of treatment numbers before initial claim submission to prevent future occurrences of this code.

CARCs Associated to RARC N27

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