Denial code N345

Remark code N345 indicates the date range provided does not match the units submitted in the claim.

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What is Denial Code N345

Remark code N345 indicates that the date range provided for the service does not align with the number of units submitted for billing.

Common Causes of RARC N345

Common causes of code N345 (Date range not valid with units submitted) are:

1. Incorrect date(s) of service entered in the claim form, not matching the actual dates services were provided.

2. Submission of a number of units that does not align with the standard billing practices for the date range specified.

3. Entry errors where the start and end dates of service are inadvertently swapped or mistyped.

4. Use of a date range that exceeds the maximum allowed period for the reported service codes.

5. Misinterpretation of billing guidelines related to the allowable date range for specific services or procedures.

6. Systematic errors in the electronic health record (EHR) or billing software that incorrectly auto-populate date ranges or units.

7. Failure to adjust the date range or units for services that were started but not completed within the expected timeframe.

8. Overlapping date ranges with previously submitted claims for the same or similar services, causing a conflict in units billed.

Ways to Mitigate Denial Code N345

Ways to mitigate code N345 include ensuring that the date range entered for services matches the number of units billed. Before submission, double-check that the dates of service accurately reflect the duration of care provided and correspond directly to the units claimed. Utilize billing software that automatically flags discrepancies between service dates and units to catch errors in real-time. Additionally, implement a routine audit process within your billing team to review and verify the accuracy of date ranges and unit counts prior to claim submission. Training staff on the importance of precise data entry and the common reasons for N345 errors can also significantly reduce their occurrence.

How to Address Denial Code N345

The steps to address code N345 involve a detailed review and correction process of the claim submission. Initially, verify the date range and units submitted for accuracy against the patient's service records. If discrepancies are found, adjust the dates or units to reflect the actual services provided. In cases where the date range and units are accurate but still rejected, consider breaking down the claim into smaller segments with appropriate units for each date range. This may involve submitting multiple claims for the same service period but with adjusted date ranges and units that align with payer guidelines. Before resubmission, double-check payer-specific guidelines for date range and unit submissions to ensure compliance. If the issue persists, contact the payer directly for clarification on the rejection and seek guidance on how to adjust the claim to meet their requirements. Document all steps taken and any communications with the payer for future reference and to support any potential appeals.

CARCs Associated to RARC N345

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