Denial code N349

Remark code N349 indicates that both the drug and its administration method need to be documented for the service to be processed.

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What is Denial Code N349

Remark code N349 indicates that the specific way a medication is administered, along with the drug itself, needs to be documented and reported in order for the claim to be processed and a payment decision to be made.

Common Causes of RARC N349

Common causes of code N349 are incorrect or missing information regarding the administration method of the drug, lack of specificity about the drug administered, or failure to properly document the drug and its administration method in the claim submission. This can result from errors in coding, omission of necessary details, or discrepancies between the drug administered and the details reported for claims adjudication.

Ways to Mitigate Denial Code N349

Ways to mitigate code N349 include ensuring that the billing team is thoroughly trained in accurately documenting both the administration method and the specific drug used during the service. Implementing a detailed checklist for use during the coding process can help ensure that all necessary information is captured correctly. Additionally, leveraging electronic health record (EHR) systems with built-in prompts or alerts for services that commonly trigger this code can aid in preventing omissions. Regular audits of billing and coding practices related to these services can also identify patterns of errors or oversights, allowing for targeted training or process improvements. Collaboration between the clinical team and the billing department is crucial to ensure that the documentation reflects all required details for proper adjudication.

How to Address Denial Code N349

The steps to address code N349 involve a detailed review and update of the claim to ensure that both the administration method of the drug and the specific drug administered are clearly documented. Begin by cross-referencing the patient's medical records to verify the accuracy of the administration method and the drug used during the service. If this information is missing or incorrectly reported, amend the claim with the correct details, ensuring that the administration method is coded accurately according to the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes, and the drug is reported with the precise National Drug Code (NDC). Additionally, it may be necessary to include detailed notes or descriptions in the claim to provide clarity on the service provided. Once these updates are made, resubmit the claim for processing. It's also advisable to review your coding practices for similar services to prevent this issue from recurring in future claims.

CARCs Associated to RARC N349

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