Denial code N37

Remark code N37 indicates a claim issue due to a missing, incomplete, or invalid tooth number or letter on dental claims.

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What is Denial Code N37

Remark code N37 indicates that the claim has been flagged due to a missing, incomplete, or invalid tooth number or letter. This is important for dental claims or procedures related to oral care, as specific teeth must be identified for accurate billing and record-keeping. The provider will need to review the claim, correct the tooth identification information, and resubmit it for processing.

Common Causes of RARC N37

Common causes of code N37 are incorrect or missing entries in the field designated for tooth number or letter on dental claims, submission of claims with outdated or non-standard dental nomenclature, and discrepancies between the tooth number or letter reported and the procedure codes that are specific to certain teeth. Additionally, this code may be triggered if the documentation provided does not clearly specify the tooth in question, or if electronic claims submissions have formatting errors that omit or corrupt the tooth identification information.

Ways to Mitigate Denial Code N37

Ways to mitigate code N37 include ensuring that all dental claim forms are meticulously reviewed for accuracy before submission. Implement a double-check system where a second set of eyes verifies the tooth number or letter for each procedure. Utilize dental coding software that includes validation features to alert staff to missing or incorrect information. Train staff on the importance of recording precise dental charting during patient visits to prevent discrepancies. Regularly update and maintain patient records to reflect any changes in their dental status, ensuring that the information on file is current and correct. Establish clear communication protocols between clinical and administrative staff to confirm that the tooth number or letter is accurately transcribed from the patient's chart to the claim form.

How to Address Denial Code N37

The steps to address code N37 involve a thorough review of the dental claim form to ensure that the tooth number or letter is accurately documented. Begin by cross-referencing the patient's dental records to confirm the correct tooth identification. If the tooth number or letter is indeed missing or incorrect, update the claim form with the valid information. Once the necessary corrections are made, resubmit the claim to the payer. It's also advisable to implement a double-check system for future claims to prevent similar errors, which may include additional training for staff on proper dental charting and claim completion practices.

CARCs Associated to RARC N37

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