Denial code N379

Remark code N379 indicates a discrepancy between claim and line level information, requiring review for accurate processing.

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What is Denial Code N379

Remark code N379 indicates that there is a discrepancy between the information provided at the claim level and the details provided at the individual line level within the same claim. This means that the overall claim data and the specific service line data do not align, which could lead to issues in processing the claim accurately.

Common Causes of RARC N379

Common causes of code N379 are discrepancies between the overall claim details and the specific information provided for each service line item. This can include mismatches in dates of service, procedure codes, or quantities billed. Additionally, inconsistencies in provider information or locations between the claim and its line items can trigger this code. Errors in the allocation of payments or adjustments across different service lines within the same claim may also be a contributing factor.

Ways to Mitigate Denial Code N379

Ways to mitigate code N379 include ensuring that all claim forms are meticulously reviewed for consistency before submission. This involves cross-verifying the information provided at both the claim and line levels to ensure that details such as service dates, procedure codes, and diagnosis codes match exactly across all sections of the claim. Implementing automated checks within your billing software can help identify discrepancies before claims are submitted. Additionally, training billing staff on the importance of accuracy in entering data and regularly auditing claims for common errors can significantly reduce the occurrence of this issue. Establishing a protocol for double-checking claims that have been previously rejected or denied for similar reasons can also be beneficial.

How to Address Denial Code N379

The steps to address code N379 involve a meticulous review and comparison of the claim's line-level details against the claim-level information. Begin by verifying the accuracy of all patient demographics, diagnosis codes, procedure codes, dates of service, and provider information on each line item of the claim. Ensure that there is consistency across all entries, particularly focusing on any discrepancies that might have led to this code being generated. If discrepancies are identified, correct the information to match accurately across both levels. After making the necessary corrections, resubmit the claim. It's also advisable to implement a pre-submission check process to catch and rectify such mismatches before claims are initially submitted, reducing the likelihood of receiving code N379 in the future.

CARCs Associated to RARC N379

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