Denial code N526

Remark code N526 is an explanation that the claim isn't eligible for recovery due to the employer's size.

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What is Denial Code N526

Remark code N526 indicates that the claim is not eligible for recovery due to the size of the employer not meeting the necessary criteria.

Common Causes of RARC N526

Common causes of code N526 are incorrect or outdated information regarding the employer's size submitted by the healthcare provider, misclassification of the employer's size by the insurance company, or a misunderstanding of the eligibility criteria related to the employer's size for recovery purposes.

Ways to Mitigate Denial Code N526

Ways to mitigate code N526 include ensuring accurate and up-to-date information about the employer's size is maintained in patient records. Regularly review and update the employer details in the patient's file, especially before submitting claims that might be affected by employer size. Additionally, implement a verification process to confirm the employer's size directly with the employer or through available databases before claim submission. Training staff on the importance of accurate employer information and its impact on claim recovery can also help prevent this code from occurring.

How to Address Denial Code N526

The steps to address code N526 involve a multi-faceted approach focusing on internal review and external communication. Initially, conduct an internal audit to verify the accuracy of the employer size information submitted. This includes reviewing employee counts, considering part-time versus full-time status, and any recent changes in company size that may not have been updated in the claim. If discrepancies are found, correct the information and resubmit the claim with a detailed explanation and any supporting documentation that justifies the adjustment.

Simultaneously, engage in dialogue with the payer to understand their criteria for determining employer size and how they applied it to this specific case. This conversation can uncover misunderstandings or errors in their assessment process. If the payer's determination is based on outdated or incorrect information, provide them with the correct details, emphasizing any nuances that might affect their evaluation.

In cases where the internal review confirms the accuracy of the initial submission and dialogue with the payer does not resolve the issue, consider consulting with legal or regulatory guidance to explore if there are broader compliance issues at play. This step should be taken cautiously and in situations where there is a strong belief that the employer size was assessed incorrectly based on applicable regulations.

Throughout this process, document all communications, findings, and actions taken to address code N526. This documentation will be crucial for any future disputes, audits, or internal reviews to improve the accuracy of employer size reporting and prevent similar issues.

CARCs Associated to RARC N526

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