Denial code N535

Remark code N535 is an adjustment notice for payments when a procedure's code and service location affect the reimbursement amount.

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What is Denial Code N535

Remark code N535 indicates that the payment has been adjusted due to the procedure being performed in a specific place of service, which is determined based on the combination of the submitted procedure code and the place of service.

Common Causes of RARC N535

Common causes of code N535 are incorrect place of service codes submitted for the procedures performed, mismatch between the procedure codes and the designated places of service, and errors in billing that do not align with payer-specific guidelines for procedure locations.

Ways to Mitigate Denial Code N535

Ways to mitigate code N535 include ensuring accurate and consistent documentation of the place of service (POS) on all claims submissions. It's crucial to verify that the procedure codes used are appropriate for the POS designated. Training staff on the importance of matching the procedure codes with the correct POS can significantly reduce the occurrence of this code. Additionally, implementing a pre-submission claims review process that includes a check for the alignment of procedure codes with the designated POS can help catch discrepancies before claims are submitted, reducing the risk of adjustments due to code N535.

How to Address Denial Code N535

The steps to address code N535 involve a multi-faceted approach to ensure accurate reimbursement. First, review the claim to verify that the procedure code and the place of service (POS) code were correctly matched and reported according to the services rendered. If a discrepancy is found, correct the information and resubmit the claim. If the codes were correctly matched, then assess if an alternative, more appropriate POS code exists that aligns with the service provided and is acceptable under payer guidelines. If such an alternative exists, adjust the claim accordingly and resubmit.

Additionally, it's crucial to analyze your coding practices for patterns that may lead to repeated occurrences of this code. This could involve training or retraining staff on proper coding techniques, especially regarding how different services are categorized by location. Engage with the payer to gain insights into their specific requirements for procedure codes in relation to POS codes to prevent future occurrences of N535. Lastly, consider implementing a pre-claim submission process that includes a thorough review of procedure and POS codes based on payer-specific guidelines to catch and correct any mismatches before claims are submitted.

CARCs Associated to RARC N535

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