Denial code N608

Remark code N608 indicates the fee allowed is 110% of the Medicare Fee Schedule for the region, specialty, and service, in line with Act 6.

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What is Denial Code N608

Remark code N608 indicates that the fee schedule amount approved for payment is determined to be 110% of the Medicare Fee Schedule applicable to this specific geographic region, medical specialty, and type of service provided. This calculation is made in accordance with the provisions of Act 6.

Common Causes of RARC N608

Common causes of code N608 are incorrect billing of services that do not align with the Medicare Fee Schedule for the specific region, specialty, or type of service, misinterpretation of Act 6 compliance requirements, or errors in the calculation of the fee schedule amount at 110% of the Medicare standard. Additionally, this code may be triggered by outdated or incorrect fee schedule data being used in the billing process.

Ways to Mitigate Denial Code N608

Ways to mitigate code N608 include ensuring accurate coding and billing practices that align with the Medicare Fee Schedule specifics for your region, specialty, and service type. Regularly updating your billing system and training for your coding staff on the latest Medicare Fee Schedule adjustments can help avoid discrepancies. Additionally, implementing a robust audit system to review claims before submission for compliance with Act 6 regulations can reduce the occurrence of this code. Engaging in periodic reviews of your fee schedules against the Medicare benchmarks and adjusting your charges accordingly may also prevent this issue.

How to Address Denial Code N608

The steps to address code N608 involve a multi-faceted approach to ensure accurate reimbursement and compliance with the specified fee schedule. Initially, it's crucial to verify the accuracy of the billing codes submitted, ensuring they match the services provided and are appropriate for the specialty and region as per the Medicare Fee Schedule guidelines. If discrepancies are found, correct the billing codes and resubmit the claim.

Next, review the contract with the payer to confirm that the reimbursement rate, including the 110% calculation as per Act 6, is accurately reflected in the payment received. If the payment does not match the contracted rate, prepare and submit a detailed appeal to the payer, including documentation that supports the contracted rate and the calculation based on the Medicare Fee Schedule.

Additionally, maintain a database of all claims affected by code N608 to track patterns, appeal outcomes, and any payer communications. This database can be instrumental in identifying systemic issues or negotiating future contracts.

Finally, ensure that your billing team is educated on the specifics of Act 6 and how it impacts fee schedule calculations. Regular training sessions can help prevent future occurrences of this code by ensuring that claims are accurately coded and submitted in accordance with the latest regulations and payer contracts.

CARCs Associated to RARC N608

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