Denial code N614

Remark code N614 is an alert indicating extra details are in the 835 Healthcare Policy ID Segment, loop 2110 Service Payment Info.

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What is Denial Code N614

Remark code N614 is an alert indicating that additional information has been provided in the 835 Healthcare Policy Identification Segment, specifically within the loop 2110 Service Payment Information. This code is used to notify the healthcare provider that further details relevant to the policy and its application to the payment or service are available in the specified segment of the electronic transaction.

Common Causes of RARC N614

Common causes of code N614 are incomplete or missing documentation submitted with the claim, discrepancies between the claim information and the documentation provided, and failure to adhere to payer-specific billing guidelines or requirements. This code often indicates that the payer needs more detailed information to process the claim accurately, such as specific medical records, detailed itemization of services, or clarification of the services billed.

Ways to Mitigate Denial Code N614

Ways to mitigate code N614 include implementing a comprehensive review process for claim submissions to ensure all required documentation and information are accurately included upfront. Training staff on the specific documentation requirements for different services and payer policies can help reduce the occurrence of this code. Utilizing advanced claim scrubbing software that flags missing or incomplete information before submission can also be effective. Regularly updating your billing system with the latest payer rules and requirements will further minimize the risk of receiving this code. Establishing a clear line of communication with payers to quickly address and resolve any requests for additional information can expedite the resolution process.

How to Address Denial Code N614

The steps to address code N614 involve a detailed review of the 835 transaction document, specifically focusing on the loop 2110 Service Payment Information segment. Here, you'll find the necessary additional information that prompted the issuance of this remark code. Begin by extracting and analyzing this data to understand the payer's specific concern or requirement. Next, compile any requested documentation or information that directly addresses the payer's notes found in the 2110 segment. This may involve gathering medical records, detailed service descriptions, or other relevant documentation that supports the claim. Once collected, submit this information to the payer according to their preferred method, whether through an electronic attachment system, mail, or fax, ensuring to reference the original claim number and any other identifiers to facilitate efficient processing. Monitor the claim's status closely after submission to confirm the additional information has been reviewed and the issue resolved, taking further action as necessary based on the payer's response.

CARCs Associated to RARC N614

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